Nanobiology will be applied to packaging and food packaging machinery

The emergence of nanobiology has provided a new platform for the development of food engineering. Nanotechnology makes genetic engineering more controllable. People can create a variety of nano-biological “products” that are easy to absorb by the human body accordi

Design Gateway New Logic Analyzer

Design Gateway has introduced a new logic analyzer, the PalmLogic II, with a sampling rate of up to 400MHz. The controller was touted by Design Gateway as the smallest logic analyzer with advanced features and high digital signal analysis performance. According to the company,

China successfully opened a new process for polyimide synthesis

Simplify reaction steps, reduce waste emissions, and reduce production costs

Recently, the project "Process for the direct synthesis of polyimide and its products from chlorophthalic anhydride" completed by Changchun Yinghua Institute of the Chinese Academy

SNSC SAM836 3T Wheel Loader to Australia

2017.10.15, our Australia old customer ordered one unit 3ton wheel loader from us. It equips with powerful Chinese WEICHAI DEUTZ engine (Vertical, in-line, water coole

Fruit Crate Mould

Standard: Lkm.Hasco.Dme
Customized: Customized