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Focus on the test method and common failure analysis of…

Focus on the test method and common failure analysis of the thermal shock test chamber The impact tester is a new type of impact tester that can instantaneously measure and record the characteristic curve of the material during impact. It is divided into manual pendulum impact tester, semi-automa-----

Speed ​​road network broadcast intercom system

As the road conditions become more and more complex, the timely transmission, sharing and intercommunication of information naturally requires a powerful highway broadcast intercom management system. Use the existing network of the toll station to develop an efficient, reliable and stable “I-----

How is access control applied to personnel management?

Personnel management is the top priority of the management of “unitization, grid, and responsibility” of the community, and it is also an inevitable requirement for public security prevention and control and community comprehensive management. According to the actual situation of the c-----

Take another 300! "Shenzhen Blue" hand in han…

In June and September of this year, Xugong Heavy Truck achieved 100 and 50 sets of new energy pure electric environmental protection muck trucks in the Shenzhen market. The company continued to seize the opportunity and won 300 new energy orders in October. Recently, it will be sent to Shenzhen in -----

Precautions for the installation and commissioning of t…

The fire control cabinet is a functional cabinet that controls the operation of the fire pump. It can realize centralized management and convenient start-up of the fire pump, and it plays an important role in the fire protection system. Then, what are the precautions for the fire pump control cab-----

Equipped with liberation power is "unmanned"?…

Equipped with liberation power is "unmanned"? This "unmanned" is not drone, let the players use the multi-road, multi-scenario FAW liberation of the Qinghai fuel-saving finals to give you the answer! In Zhangye, Gansu, Zhao Hui, Xia Jinhua and Wu Jun respectively ran 30.81-----

Listening to the sound of the Haiwo hydraulic cylinder

In the four-year period, the brand of Haiwo has been trusted by the company and found that it is not easy to accompany it for four years. What is more gratifying is that Haiwo hydraulic cylinder products won the “User Trusts Hydraulic Equipment” award four times in the awarding of-----