A variety of triangular robots designed for the packaging industry

“Learn more about the performance of Delta Robots designed for packaging automation to increase your ROI (return on investment).”

Whether you are planning a one-year, three-year or five-year or ten-year plan, you need to spend time thinking about a pr

About miniature vacuum pump and gas sampling pump difference

Usually we can produce a negative pressure of the small volume pumps are called miniature vacuum pump, but the product selection must be strictly distinguished. Truly miniature vacuum pumps (such as the VM series, PK series, PC series, etc.) are pumps that can evacuate airtight containers over

How to better keep screw pump pumping high yield

The world's most popular mechanical recovery method is screw pump oil pumping, and its most common operational problems is the pump can not be fully filled, resulting in low productivity, the pump is not fully filled due to the pump capacity is greater than the well production or pump s

Shanghai Oil 18

Validation No.: Shanghai Agricultural Products Inspection Rape (2006) 002
Breeding Unit: Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Variety source: Breeding from Ningyou No. 10 System, selected in 2000.
Characteristics: The whole growth period is about 239

A new type of equipment can quickly detect organic pollutants in water

The School of Geography, Earth and Environment at the University of Birmingham, together with a safety training system (STS) company engaged in the production of instrumentation, has developed a device for use on the riverside.

Using the fluorescent method, organic water pollution inc

Cellulose sodium special dual-body vibrating fluidized bed dryer

HSUP series vibrating fluidized bed dryers produced by Chenghai Company completely replace any fixed fluidized bed and vibrated fluidized bed drying equipments produced by domestic drying manufacturers; for any solid material, we can always use dual vibrator fluids. The chemical be

Chunlan: air-conditioning compressor valve, such as "ID card"

Recently, Chunlan Group learned that Chunlan air conditioning compressors, valve and other nine major components, has fully realized the bar code management, each Chunlan air conditioning has its own detailed "files." It is reported that Chunlan move set a precedent in the industry, C

The launch of the US MARS strategy

Midea's Rongshida joint venture renewed the "Haohan Design" Midea refrigerator officially launched the "product enhancement" strategy "M+" plan

Following the full implementation of the third phase of the ice wash project, Mideaâ€