Top Ten Trends of China's Lubricant Industry in 2012

First, the commercial vehicle IV standard dust settled CH-4 became the main market this year

Occurrence probability: 95%

In last year's "Top Ten Conjectures of China's Lubricants Industry in 2011", the aut

Metso Control Valve wins big orders for coal hydrogen reform project

With its leading valve technology, Metso Control Valve won a large order for an oil refinement project for Sinopec's Jiujiang Refinery in eastern China. Metso's leading valve technology makes it a reliable valve supplier for the coal gasification industry since 1991. With the developmen

Application of Soil Nutrient Analyzer for Spatial Analysis

Existing studies have shown that there is a certain correlation between high production quality and low soil nutrients, and there is a regularity in soil nutrient change and age in tea gardens. However, studies on the growth and adaptability of soil nutrients have not been reported.

Recycled plastic granulator has a promising market

In this era of low-carbon energy conservation, the word regeneration is the most common. Recycling plastics must have been widely known. Recycled plastic pelletizers, as the more mainstream environmental protection machinery products, are increasingly impacting.

Rapid development o

Condenser fan does not transfer processing method

The condenser fan does not turn the condenser fan and cannot rotate. Most of them are caused by the lack of lubricating oil in the sliding bearing shaft, the bearing bush burned out of the axle, or the fan motor coil burned out. It may also be caused by the fan operating time being too lo

Domestic LED packaging seeks new breakthroughs

After more than ten years of development in the LED industry, the entire market has changed from the original blue ocean to the current Red Sea, especially in the low-end field, entering the lower LED packaging. Due to the large number of companies and fierce competition, the packaging industry

DMW ship 500 tons / m manual setting tongs crane delivery

        Recently, DMW Ship Group delivered a 500-ton/m manual-set tongs crane to the NASSCO shipyard of San Diego General Dynamics. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 24,200 pounds in Class 3 sea conditions and a lifting height of more than 52 feet.

The real sense of the new energy vehicle market has been formed

The energy of new energy cars that have lasted for several years has already made people feel a little tired. Probably from the beginning of 2010, every year afterwards, there are experts called the first year of new energy vehicles. In fact, behind the propaganda of