Handicapped Home Elevator Hydraulic Chair Lift (VWL)

Model NO.: VWL
Feature: Explosion-Proof
Certification: CE
Platform Size: 1300*900mm
Load Capacity: 250--350kg
Lifting Height: Max 10m
Drive: Hydraulic
Control: Push button/remote control
Warranty: 12 Months
Trademark: MORAL/OEM
Specification: CE
Origin: Shandong. China
HS Code: 842890
Handicapped Home Elevator Hydraulic Chair Lift (VWL)

Main Features

1.Power supply: 110v/220v or other  50hz/60hz  25A
2.Motor power: 1.5kw/AC
3.Control voltage: DC24V
4.drive method: hydraulic 
5.Lifting height: 1500mm
6.Platform size: 1300*1100MM(Can customize)
7.Entry & Exit Mode: 90°or180°(pls let us know)
8.load capacity: 250-350KG
9.lifting speed: 80mm/s
10.operation manipulation: inching type, button/remote control
11.platform material: skid-resistant stainless steel plate
12.manual operation: pressure relief type descending by manual valve
13.applicable environment: indoor or outdoor
14.Installation Mode: Pit installation 

Main Description:

1, vertical lifting structure, hydraulic drive, which can make smooth and safe lifting

2, it introduces blind way stainless surfaces and guardrails, possessing compact and fine appearance, which

3. It can be installed into the supporting pits of the equipment, as the platform is flush with the ground, therefore, the neighboring environments shall not be hindered.

4, The machine is easy to operate but uneasily to stand water and rust because of the discharge channels in the pits, it adopts hydraulic powered system, and the electric control system is placed in the lower chassis of the high platform, which greatly improves the safety of the equipment and facilitates its maintenance.

5, The equipment can configure safety protection facilities such as folding shields and safety edges; Meanwhile, it also possesses advantages like easy operation and high safety.

6, It's suitable for large-sized newly-built residential estates and those areas where there is compact land resource and etc.

7. Max lifting height is 1500mm

If you have difficulty using stairs, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then a residential vertical lift is a great way to ensure that you can always safely and conveniently enter and exit your home. All of our porch lifts are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions and are an affordable alternative to residential elevators.

Model VWL
Load capacity 300kg
Table size 1430*900mm/customized
Lifting height 3m/customized
Motor 1.5KW
Power input 220V/50HZ/ or customized local power
Speed 100mm/s
Weight 1050kg

Saddle  wiper arms are typically used on windshields that are taller than they are wide - like tugs, fishing vessels, transit buses, etc. 
They have two parallel struts and move the Wiper Blade from side to side. They are structurally strong - to handle large wiper blades, and require larger, more powerful motors. 
Unlike some competing models, both the drive and slave arms of these Wexco pantographs are strong, heavy duty struts (rather than a drive strut and a slave tube). 
• All pantograph arms have saddle style blade attachments 
• Heavy duty construction you can see and feel when you pick the arm up 
• Black finish is black powder-coated stainless steel 
• Silver finish is bare matte (shot peened) stainless steel

Saddle Wiper Arm

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