Do you experience five illusions of driving?

The illusion is that under certain conditions, it produces perceptions that do not meet the objective reality. There are generally two kinds of perceptions, perceptual illusions and visual illusions. Just like you take a po

Overseas parts exhibitors are still optimistic about China

At the Beijing Auto Show this year, the smart, electronic, and energy-saving features of the new exhibition hall of Beijing Auto Show in Shunyi District are greatly affected. In stark contrast to this, the old exhibition hall of parts and components at the urban area is low-key. Many dese

Medical waste transfer vehicles may be obscure but important

When we talk about medical vehicles, everyone thinks in their heads that there must be ambulances. There are very few thoughts about medical waste transfer vehicles. Perhaps it is because there is not much contact. In fact,

For tire brands that are about to disappear and rise

In October 1934, Shanghai Great China Rubber Factory produced the first automobile tire in the country and named it "Double Money". The product has two specifications of 30 × 5 and 32 × 9 and the daily output is 7-9.

This incident broke the situation when foreig

Pirelli Truck Bus Tire Entering the Americas Market

Pirelli recently announced a plan to supply tires to commercial trucks and buses in the United States and Canada through TP Commercial Solutions LLC. TP Commercial Solutions LLC is a new company led by President Clif Armstrong.
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Ten cloud solutions that should be used on Linux

Not long ago, it was curious to provide users with an easy way to back up data on remote machines. Now, we have taken it for granted. Dropbox and other companies have simplified this task. Apple, Google and Microsoft each provide their own data backup method.