12000lbs Recovery Pulling Powerful Electric 12V Winch with Wire Rope for Truck

  • Model NO.: PS12000
  • Power Type: Series Motor DC
  • Electric Winch Model: PS12000
  • Brand: Zhme
  • Certification: CE, SGS
  • Rated Pull: 12000lbs(4536kgs)
  • out Put: 6.0HP/4.4kw
  • Transport Package: Carton and Pallet
  • HS Code: 84253190
  • Type: off Road
  • Pull Direction: Forward
  • Working Voltage of Electric Winch: Low Voltage
  • Applicable Environment: off Road
  • Item: PS12000
  • Power: 12V DC
  • Trademark: ZHME
  • Origin: China
12000lbs recovery pulling powerful electric 12v winch with wire rope for truck

1. Motor: High performance series wound motor.
2. Brake: Automatic brake in the drum.
3. Solenoid: 2pcs 250A solenoids as one group in control box.
4. Gear: 3-Stage planetary gear made of 20CrMnTi material, hard enough and reduce speed perfect.
5. Clutch: Smooth clutch fell comfortable when operating.

Item PS12000
Rated Line Pull 12000lbs(5443kgs) single line
Motor Series wound 6.0hp/4.4kw 12V DC
Gear Train 3 stage planetary
Gear Ratio 218:1
Braking Action Automatic in the drum
Fairlead 4-way roller fairlead
Wire Rope 3/8″x 85″(9.5mm x 25m)
Drum Size 2.5″x 8.9″(64mm x 226mm)
Dimensions 21.6″x 6.3″x 8.6″(546mm x 160mm x 218mm)
N.W. 93lbs(42kgs)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 10″x 4.5″(254mm x 114.3mm)
Packing 620mm x 360mm x 260mm, 420pcs/20' container
Ling speed and Motor Current(First Layer)
Line pull Lbs 0 4000 6000 10000 12000  
Kg 0 1814 2722 4536 5443  
Ling speed FPM 22 12.5 9.8 6.9 5.6  
Motor current MPM 6.8 3.8 3 2.1 1.7  
AMPS 80 170 210 310 360  
Ling pull and cable capacity
Layer of cable   1 2 3 4  
Rated line pull per layer Lbs 12000 9900 8300 7000
Kg 5443 4490 3765 3175
Cable capacity per layer Ft. 17.6 37 63 85
M 6 13 22 26

Factory and Showing Room:
ZHME owns more than 15000m2 factory including 150 works and 150m2 showing room.

Technical Department:
ZHME technical department is in charge of research and development, improving products.

Die Casting Workshop:
ZHME has own die casting workshop which can die cast winch support, gear box, aluminum fairlead and other accessories.

CNC Center:
ZHME has own CNC ceter which can process winch parts such as support, gear box, fairlead, etc..

Assembling Line:
ZHME has own auto assembling line where can assembly more than 500pcs winches every day.

Testing Facilities:
ZHME has motor facilities of motor, solenoid, winch pull, speed and electric current.

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