China's plastic pipe industry development status and prospects

In recent years, Liansu plastic pipe has been developing rapidly in China. Pipeline products have been expanding in the market of plastic pipes. It has become a widely recognized product everywhere and has become one of the important industries. And plastic pipe products have been widely used in various industries, such as: the construction sector, water conservancy departments, municipal engineering projects require the use of plastic products.

However, plastic water pipes are generally susceptible to aging, explosive cracking, and bacterial growth. Stainless Steel pipes are resistant to corrosion and high strength. They can withstand ground subsidence and earthquakes and have a lifespan of at least 70 years. They are more economical than alternative pipes such as plastic pipes. Increased efforts to develop new products and open up new profit points have become necessary. Compared with advanced countries, there are many blank areas in China's plastic pipe applications. This is the new market capacity space, such as the development of plastic hose hose products. At present, the production of domestic plastic pipe enterprises is mainly concentrated on plastic rigid pipes, and there are relatively few companies involved in the production of plastic hoses. Therefore, the market is relatively broad, especially in the case of high technical content hoses, where there are few competitors, and the profit rate of products is high. .

Judging from the demand for plastic pipes, in the next four years, the municipal construction supplies, drainage pipes, construction supplies and drainage pipes will remain the main downstream of plastic pipes, accounting for about 46% and 40% respectively. Although the demand for heating pipes for plastic pipes is relatively small, the compound annual growth rate is 21%. The growth in demand for agricultural pipes is mainly due to the rural drinking water safety project focused on the current year and next year.

In general, China's plastic pipe manufacturing industry enjoys a good momentum of development and shows good growth. In 2012, the sales revenue of enterprises above the designated size of the industry reached 217.851 billion yuan, an increase of 7.91% from the previous year. From 2007 to 2012, the average annual growth rate of sales revenue reached 19.53%. In 2012, the sales profits of enterprises above designated size in the industry It reached 27.403 billion yuan, an increase of 8.60% from the previous year. From 2007 to 2012, the average annual growth rate of sales profits reached 22.52%.

As of last year (2013), residential housing sales hit a historic 7 trillion, of which 50 cities accounted for 50% of sales. Therefore, the ultra-large-scale urbanization process will be at least ten years in the future for the pipe industry. From the huge demand, it can be seen that the total demand for plastic pipes will continue to grow.

2014 is likely to usher in the biggest industrial storm since the plastic pipeline entered China. Some business models and unspoken rules that have been formed over the past 30 years may be broken down or overturned in the media, consumer, and industry. At the same time, huge business opportunities are concentrated on companies, partners, and companies that have brands, strengths, moral bottom lines, and innovation capabilities. At present, more than 5,000 plastic pipe manufacturers in China will be determined to be competitive and competitive.

From the trend of the world plastics market, the high price of raw materials will continue for some time. However, due to its consumption characteristics, plastic pipes have a relatively small space for price increase, and they hope that the price of raw materials will fall. It is a solution to the business pressure, and it is impossible to fundamentally get rid of the passive operating situation, and marketing strategies must be adjusted.

For a long time, pipelines have been ignored by consumers as hidden projects, and workers are willing to listen to workers' recommendations. As the media pays attention to the plastic pipeline, consumers' attention will be unprecedentedly focused on this product that may have a huge impact on health. The choice of pipeline brands will be an increasingly important indicator when purchasing homes and renovations, and it will not be easy to listen to the installer's recommendation for distrusting brands.

It is necessary to shift from product price competitiveness to brand competitiveness, strengthen the ability to respond to emergencies, and build their own competitive bastions. All indications indicate that domestic plastic pipe production enterprises have entered the era of low profit. In order to win a sustainable and stable development space, enterprises should establish a brand image as soon as possible. Large-scale enterprises can increase the cost caused by raw material price increases by optimizing production management capabilities. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is advisable to join forces to reduce production costs through centralized procurement of raw materials.

Contrary to the increase in total demand, the plastics pipeline industry will face a large number of SMEs closing tides. Currently, the industry’s excess capacity is estimated to reach 50%. A large number of workshop enterprises rely on the production of counterfeit and inferior goods in times of lack of national supervision and weak consumer brand awareness. In 2013, with the changes in the market situation, some traditional low-quality plastic pipes in Zhejiang, Shandong, and other places were concentrated in production areas, and there was a wave of closures.

In the past, domestic plastic pipe companies mostly adopted marketing strategies for industrial products. In fact, from the essential characteristics of plastic pipe products, some plastic pipes, especially civil products, may adopt marketing strategies for consumer products and establish brand names. In view of the current sales channels of plastic pipe enterprises in China, it is necessary to speed up network construction and enhance the promotion of market terminals, such as cooperation with large building materials supermarkets.

Compared with the domestic PVC pipe market, domestic plastic pipe products have a price advantage in the international market, more and more attention, and relatively high profits. According to a research report of a German research company, by 2019, the global plastic pipe market value will reach 80 billion US dollars. In 2011, PVC-based plastic pipes accounted for more than 55% of the total output. Followed by PE, especially HDPE, accounted for 28% of the remaining 45%. Experts said that although traditional materials are still popular, However, the proportion of ABS, PB, PA and other materials in the future production of pipe will increase.

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