Sanyo Electric's new air purifier will be launched on September 1

The new air purifier Mistream ABC-VW251 developed by Sanyo Electric will be put on the market on September 1st, and the market sales price is about 50,000 yen.
According to reports, the sterilization ability and deodorization effect of this new product have been greatly i

How far is the road from scientific research to social wealth?(1)

The ammonium phosphate "slurry method" has been backed up for 27 years. At the beginning of this year, the international phosphate fertilizer market experienced unusually high prices. In stark contrast to this, China's high-concentration phosphate fertilizer prices have maintaine

Progress in research on superhard tool materials

Natural and synthetic single crystal diamonds Natural and synthetic single crystal diamonds are generally classified according to the application field and can be used as cutting tools, dressing machines and wire drawing dies. They are all designed for precision machining appl

Ameco fuel/fuel pump test bench passed airworthiness appraisal

On June 27th, the fuel/fuel pump test bench developed by Ameco successfully passed the airworthiness appraisal of the appraisal team composed of airworthiness experts. The test bed is the first domestic fuel/fuel pump comprehensive test bench independently developed by China C

New technology and development direction of free cutting steel

The accidental birth of free-cutting steel 80 years ago was related to the urgent need for war (World War I) and the shoddy steel (high-sulfur and high-phosphorus steel). Today, 80 years later, sulfur easy-cut steel, lead free-cutting steel, calcium free-cutting steel and comp