April 20 steel market opening guide

First, the macro news briefing 1, the central bank has a deep meaning: market does not have to worry about liquidity. Relevant person in charge of the central bank stated that the PBC will continue to implement a sound monetary policy, adopt

Using a higher compression ratio can improve fuel efficiency

The diesel engine ignites when the homogenous mixed gas pressure is burned, instead of the current side-injection and side-fired diffusion combustion mode, so that the exhaust gas emission of the diesel engine reaches a minimum, especially the smoke emission and the NOx emission

Global demand for specialty chemicals has steadily increased

In the future, the demand for global specialty chemicals will continue to grow, but it also faces a variety of challenges. The relevant agencies analyzed this recently.

According to the report of the American Chemical Industry Council (ACC), the output of consumer products and drug

School bus safety design is the most important

Recently, besides the “Crash-Responsible” Yutong Company, SAIC, Jinlong, Zhongtong, Chang'an, Ankai and many other domestic bus companies have launched their own school bus products, or optimized the body structure, or equipped with a comprehensive safety monitoring

Will China become the export base of international auto giants?

Last year, General Motors and Honda Motor Co. continued to ship subcompact cars made in China overseas. Daimler and BMW also started exporting the extended four-door sedan during the year, while Volkswagen plans to build a car in Xinjiang to sell to neighborin

Zhuhai Yuchai 2 engines will be delivered

In 2012, it will become a year of great development for Yuchai Marine Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yuchai). Just after the end of the Chinese New Year holiday, there was a festive news from the company: its second engine has been assembled, and it is planned to be te

Polypropylene multiple competition is taking shape

After the Spring Festival, under the support of rising petrochemical companies' intentions, high raw material propylene prices, and tight marketable resources, the polypropylene market has a more upbeat atmosphere. At the beginning of February, the mainstream offer of domestic polyprop

Some suggestions on carbon* high speed analyzer

For enterprises in the metallurgy, foundry, and machinery industries that are now established, laboratories have been set up. The requirements and types of customers for the purchase of laboratory equipment are very different. Some of them require high-end pro