Autumn flowers entering the room should be timing

In autumn, the sunshine is getting weaker and the temperature is lower. In order to adapt the flowers to the changes in the weather, they should be invited to the room in time to prevent the flowers from suffering frost damage.
In general, it is appropriate to move the pot into the room when the average daily temperature drops to about 5°C. According to the variety of flowers, there are different types of moving into the interior, such as jasmine, Milan, hibiscus, smiling, citrus, asparagus and cactus and other tropical flowers to burglary; osmanthus, pomegranate, rose, grape, Ophiopogon japonicus, pine and cypress, etc. The flowers should move into the room before the frost falls; the dahlias and chrysanthemums are not afraid of the cold, and the more late autumn flowers bloom, the more they can move into the room later. However, these flowers are also afraid of frost attacks, so they should be moved into the room before the arrival of the frost, and put the pots in the indoor sunny place so that these flowers can continue to bloom. If you need to hibernate, Chinese rose can be put in outdoor for a while until it is fallen into the vegetable cellar or placed in a low temperature room. If you want to watch it in winter, you must move into the room in advance.
There is a need for a transition in the moving of flowers into the room. No flowers can be moved into the room suddenly, nor can they be watered in a large amount or placed in an unventilated place. This will cause the leaves to fall off and the roots to rot, resulting in death. When the flowers enter the room, they need to move out to meet the sunshine at noon every day. After 7th to 10th, they will be placed in the interior. The potted flowers should be placed in a place suitable for growing flowers. For example, the flowers that like sunshine should be placed in the sun on the windowsill. The flowers of the shade are farther away from the sun, and some flowers should not be fixed in one place, but they should often move with the sun.

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