Dongfeng Chaochai LPG engine research achieved phase results

On June 28th, the National Clean Car Action Coordination Leading Group Office organized the “Tenth Five-Year” National Science and Technology Research Program “Key Technology Research and Demonstration Project for Clean Vehicle Industrialization” in the “Yandu International Hotel” in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. The project acceptance meeting for research and development and industrialization of LPG engines for large buses was undertaken by Dongfeng Chaochai Company, and Tianjin University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Shenzhen Huajiang Technology Co., Ltd. participated. The expert group of experience received serious research and discussion and agreed to pass the acceptance of the project.
The electronically controlled LPG engine researched and developed by this subject is transformed on the basis of Dongfeng Chaochai Company CY6102 supercharged intercooled diesel engine. It has independent intellectual property rights, low cost, emission meets the national 3 standard, and the power meets the requirements of urban public transport vehicles. Compared with the vehicle in use, it has obvious advantages and is at the leading level in China. At present, the Harbin Bus Company has reached an agreement to modify the bus and is conducting an assessment of the loading operation on the Harbin bus line. The project has invested a total of 6.55 million yuan and applied for 3 invention patents.
At the meeting, the acceptance expert group carefully reviewed the implementation of the project from the assessment report and related materials, listened to the report of the project, inspected the prototype, questioned the relevant issues, and heard the reply. After careful study and discussion, the final acceptance expert group agreed that the project team completed the project objectives and key tasks of the contract, and met the requirements of the technical and economic assessment indicators. This project developed the engine combustion system based on the characteristics of LPG fuel, developed an electronic control unit with independent intellectual property rights, developed a special catalytic conversion system for LPG engine, and carried out the optimization of the supercharged intercooling system and the optimization of the whole machine. The engine passed the reliability and carried out the actual road operation, the performance meets the requirements of use, and the emission level meets the national 3 emission standard limit. The results of this project meet the requirements of LPG buses for clean combustion, and have important promotion value and social significance. It was agreed that the subject passed the acceptance.

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