Driving with children can not make mistakes

Some parents drive in order to take care of their children more conveniently. They will place the children in the co-pilot position. This is actually a more dangerous move. Because the children are all very curious, if you reach out to touch the gear lever or the handbrake, if there is a trigger to some performance will bring a lot of unfavorable factors for the vehicle's driving. In the event of a sudden brake, although the airbag will bring great protection for adults, it will cause great harm to children. Because the child's stature is relatively short, when the airbag collapses, the aligned position is just above the child's head. Because the child's skull is not fully developed, it is relatively fragile. Airbags are playing like this.


Some parents and friends feel that it is unsafe for children to sit alone on the co-pilot, so it is always better for me to hold my leg in my leg. This is a good protection of the meatball. When the vehicle is suddenly in need of emergency braking in a normal situation, because of the inertia, the impact of the children in the hands is not an adult can withstand, at this time in fact, parents and friends can not take the child It is a very secure home, but it is possible to throw it out. And when the child is in his arms, the head of the child is in the position of the parent's chest. If there is a collision after a relatively long distance, then the child in his arms becomes an adult's airbag, and then the impact force Parents will cause a certain degree of fierce pressure on children and cause great harm to children.

Some parents will tell stories or play with children while they are driving. This will cause the driver's inattention and cause great security risks. When the driver is driving the vehicle, the most important thing is to focus on the process of driving. It can take good care of the surroundings of some of the traffic, so as to avoid the most accidents.

Uncoiler Straightener Feeder consist of Decoiler Straightener NC Servo Roll Feed for Coil Feeding Line are therefore able to work thickness from 0.6 mm to 6.0mm with width that range from 70 to 1800mm and weight up to 20tons depending on the needs of the specific customer.Various kinds of materials can be machined, from soft ones such as aluminium and alloys, to hot and cold-rolled materials and carbon and stainless steel, and to high-strength materials and lamination steel.

Uncoiler Straightener Feeder, with  Decoiler , straightener and feeder machine in one combination unit. It used to uncoiling metal strip from coil stock, straightening it to required flatness and feed it to press machine for stamping process.Thanks to a well-knit body and advanced mechanical structure, it can easily handle coil stock up to 20tons.

With YASKAWA servo motor and drive and MITSUBISHI PLC, the feeding line can achieve the very accurate feeding ±0.15mm. Moreover, the whole compact feeding system is only 4.5m length, which will save a lot of workspace for your press workshop.

Uncoiler Straightener Feeder is suitable for automotive industry, home appliance industry, building industry, computer and electronic components industry, hardware and metal stamping industry and etc. Parts as Structural car body parts and other parts like wipers, brake pads, Tie Bar, Slide Rail of Car Seat, electrical windows, radiators, levers, pedals, seat supports, gear box parts, wheels, damping supports, braces, clamps, straps, locks and hinges for doors, carpentry parts, metal supports, perforated plates, motor housings, doors, trays, guides, caps, supports, brackets, handles, housings, panels, brackets, feet, arms, buttons, diffusersa and etc.

Uncoiler Straightener Feeder

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