Man refuses to go into the security check

A man did not cooperate with the judicial police in the court and arrested the marshals in the arrest of the judicial police. A few days ago, the Dongcheng court found that defendant Zhao committed crimes against public officials and sentenced him to six months of detention, suspended for six months.

The Dongcheng Procuratorate alleged that at 9 o'clock on October 29 last year, Zhao was in the security check room of the Xicheng Court and refused to cooperate with the regular police for security checks. He took off his pants and was exposed on the spot. In the process of being detained by the judicial police and taken away in accordance with the law, Zhao refused to cooperate with the police police uniforms, and marshal Lumou's right hand was scratched, and was identified as a minor injury. Zhao was arrested on the spot by the police.

The defendant Zhao did not disagree during the trial. The court held that Zhao's use of violence to obstruct the work of state organs' staff in performing their duties according to law constitutes a crime against public officials and should be punished according to law. Since the defendant can plead guilty and confess his crimes, he may be given a lighter punishment and a probation sentence to make the above judgment. (Reporter Wang Hao)

Musical Instrument Security Impaired Metro Corporation Defendant

Because the portable instrument was badly damaged by the security inspection equipment, Mr. Gao Gao recently sued the Beijing Metro Line 10 Investment Co., Ltd. for breach of security obligations and requested the court to order the MTRC to compensate its economic loss of 28,000 yuan. Haidian Court has now accepted the case.

On June 25 of this year, Mr. Gao took Subway Line 10 at the Peony Garden subway station. At the time of security, he placed the trumpet he carried with him on the conveyor belt of the security inspection equipment. As the height of the trumpet number exceeds the entrance height of the security inspection equipment, the trumpet was stuck at the entrance of the security inspection equipment and was seriously damaged.

Mr. Gao believes that the safety inspection personnel of the subway company did not provide necessary information, guidance, and safety instructions, which caused them to suffer property losses and were responsible. (Reporter Lin Jing correspondent Cheng Fei)

Police big match project heavy combat

At 9:00 this morning, with the command of the on-site commander, the Municipal Public Security Bureau officially kicked off the policing combat skills competition final. More than 1,700 players from 19 units, including special police, patrol officers, and anti-terrorism, passed through preliminary and semi-final screenings and eventually competed in the finals.

The contest was divided into three stages. On the basis of the preliminaries organized by the various departments in the early stage, the city council organized a centralized rematch and then concentrating on the finals for two days. According to statistics, a total of more than 2,300 police officers from 21 units participated in the contest. In the two-day final, more than 1,700 players from 19 units including special police, patrol officers, and anti-terrorism conducted a total of 14 subjects in individual, team, general, and police aviation categories, including rapid assembly. Police, actual application shooting, police dog skills, police car driving, motorcycle driving and other five individual subjects; on-site disposal of personal extreme behaviors such as after-drinking incidents, single-person violence cases in key downtown areas, and on-site disposal On-site disposal of knife incidents, etc.; On-site disposal of large-scale mass incidents, on-site disposal of violent terrorist cases, and police aviation skills. (Reporter Enron)

(Source: Beijing Evening News)

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