The danger of driving a car

When a traffic light is waiting, whether it is a long time or a short time, many drivers will inevitably take out the mobile phone to take a look at it, brush the circle of friends, update the behavior of the next Weibo, and so on. This will not only increase the safety of driving. Sex also increases the chance of a traffic accident. A friend is the kind of cell phone that does not leave his hand. When a driver waits for a traffic light, when the green light comes on, he forgets to forget about God. Then the vehicle behind him starts to press the horn to indicate him, waiting for him to recover. After that, the red light is already on. There was also somebody going out for dinner, one hand holding the steering wheel to control the vehicle, one hand was looking around at the nearby dining location, and then not only did not look in the rearview mirror in a turning place, even the turn signal Did not fight, behind the bus driving immediately hit an emergency brake, but fortunately there is no collision. After reacting, many days drove to drive the phone.


The lower head racers can be seen everywhere on the streets. When crossing some crossroads, whenever the red light comes on. A lot of pedestrians and drivers who are driving vehicles started to take out mobile phones, chat with various QQs, WeChats, and news, and then waited until the green light came on before they hurriedly put the phone down. Even some drivers do not see the green light until after the rear vehicle has pressed the horn. Such a situation is often seen in life. Nowadays, various kinds of communication software are gradually developed. Not only young people like to play, but even middle-aged and old people are happy to catch up with the trend, and the used mobile phone is already From the big brick slowly spread to the smart phone is even more. Most people do not want to be separated by a few minutes, they will have to pick up the phone and swipe Weibo to see if the dynamics of the circle of friends will be more comfortable. Otherwise, they always feel that something is missing.

Now that the traffic accidents caused by playing mobile phones are more than one year, it is easy to get distracted and cause traffic accidents while waiting for the red light. Driving a mobile phone to make a phone call is more dangerous. When you drive a phone, you can make the driver's line of sight narrower, and it will also reduce the perception ability and visual level to a large extent, thus creating a blind spot for traffic. Light traffic will cause traffic congestion, but serious traffic accidents will occur.

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