The wrong way you don’t know about car maintenance

After buying a car, you will raise a car. It is not just maintenance, but also fueling the car. Do you know the knowledge of car maintenance? Is your method of raising a car right? In fact, when you are raising a car, there are some mistakes that will make you feel less effective. Usually, you will get twice the result with half the effort. This is not a good idea. You feel that it is serious. In severe cases, your car may be damaged. In order to check your usual behavior, right? Let's take a look at the wrong way you don't know about car maintenance .


1. Sealing glaze, is it strange that everyone is watching, this is not a maintenance project to be done when the car is being raised, but it is also a kind of injury for the new car. The glaze should be polished and ground several times before the body. What kind of technology and materials are used will cause damage to the paint. Sealing glaze is beneficial, making the paint look brighter and preventing ultraviolet rays, etc. However, the damage to the paint is formed once. Therefore, the new car does not need to be sealed.

2, modified cars, when the car is modified, many people modify the tires, some people worship the foreigner's psychological work, when buying a tire, they must be foreign, but have you thought about it? Foreign tires are based on their own roads when they are researched and developed. However, the roads in China are different. They may be rougher than foreign ones. Therefore, the imported ones will easily cause the sidewalls to be unpacked because the road conditions in different countries are different. .

3, tire pressure, now the owner in order to drive safely, generally will measure the tire pressure, we all know that the tire pressure can not be low, so the oil and wear, so some people like to fill the tire pressure is very high, the tire pressure is too high The tire grounding surface is reduced, the tread wear is aggravated, and the braking effect at the time of braking is reduced. This is very wrong, the tire pressure is normal, and it cannot be considered higher than low. It is also prone to security risks.

4, too much oil, when adding oil is too troublesome, less and not enough to use and danger, parts wear or not, so directly add a lot, when the oil is too much, the engine also has to fail, that is, the crankshaft at work The large end of the handle and connecting rod will produce strong agitation, which will increase the internal power loss of the engine, and will increase the oil splashed on the wall of the crucible, resulting in failure of the burning oil.

5, the use of oil additives, not any kind of additives will be compatible with any of the oil, if added, if not compatible or chemical reaction with the ingredients in the original organic oil, the formation of acidic substances, not only for the car is not good, but will Inflicts damage on the car. Everyone knows that there are benefits for both additives, but it is not as magical as it is on the market.

6, the car will be dried after washing in the sun, but at the same time it is easy to be damaged by the paint, because the convex lens effect formed by the water in the sun will cause local high temperature phenomenon in the uppermost layer of the paint, for a long time, The paint will lose its luster. This is usually the case with self-washing, but it can be avoided if you go to the car repair center.

7. The belt is too tight. Some people think that increasing the tension of the accessory belt can improve the refrigeration effect of the compressor and the power generation of the generator. Therefore, the tightening of the tight belt of the belt will increase the bearing load too much. It will shorten the life of the part and cause the belt to break.

8, long-term no car, after the cost of the car increased, many car owners began to drive less, and some only drive during the holiday, so that the surface of the transmission parts such as the engine and gearbox will be in direct contact with the air. And rusting. The way is to let the car run for thirty or forty minutes every few days, so that the car does not go out of business.

9. Three filters are replaced together. Many people think that there is a problem with the idling speed of the car. Immediately go to the S store to replace the three filters. It is considered that as long as the three filters are clean, the car will run without problems. The steam filter is generally replaced at 30,000 km, the filter is replaced at 5000 km, and the air filter can be replaced at 10,000 km. If it is replaced at the same time, it is wasted.

10, in order to facilitate long-term half-clutch, in the city during the peak hours of commuting, there are many traffic jams, some people will handle the state for a long time, so the clutch below hi is friction, the life is naturally reduced. When the vehicle is running at a high speed, the long-term half-clutch state causes the clutch piece to wear rapidly.


Do you think you are shot in a lot of mistakes? The wrong way you don’t know about car maintenance is finished for everyone. I must pay attention to it later. I hope everyone will pay attention when driving. Sometimes these methods are very harmful to the car. Just like washing the car under the sun, it will obviously make ultraviolet rays. More intense corrosion of the car, this is common sense but some people are doing it quickly, or have been doing this. Didn't you find that your car paint aging is more obvious than other cars? These bad habits must be changed.

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