Brazil will introduce China's power grid simulation technology

The power grid simulation technology began to continuously output to the outside world. On June 15th, China Southern Power Grid Research Institute and the Brazilian State Power Dispatching Center (ONS) formally signed the "Multi-DC Feed-in System Simulation An

Drying equipment helps grape deep processing and high value-added products

At present, the grape deep processing products commonly found in the market are raisins, wine, grape juice, grape drinks, grape cakes, etc. The enterprises have solved the large-scale fruit farmers' grape sales by developing deep processing, extending the agricultural industrial chain, and

The development trend of foreign mills

At present, the general trend of foreign grinding machine development is:

(1) Large equipment;

(2) Automation of the grinding production process;

Larger equipment can reduce the number of equipment, save floor space, save materials, ene

Mining single-axis vibrating screen

Mine single-axis shaker system self-centering shaker for metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal and building materials and other industrial sectors. The utility model has the advantages of simple struc

Introduction of kaolin mineral processing technology

Kaolin is a general term for a group of clay minerals. Its basic composition is kaolinite group and kaolinite group. It is mainly composed of kaolinite and halloysite. The content is over 90%, foll

Practical Application of Smart Electricity Safety Management System

In the latest revised "Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Opinions on Further Strengthening Fire Fighting Work", it is proposed to implement smart fire prevention in an all-round way, and the intelligent electricity safety management sy

How to Control the Rapid Decline of Steam Temperature after RB

At present, China's power station boiler fans, especially primary fans, have a high energy consumption and noise problem during operation. In North China Power Grid, a number of power plants have applied frequency conversion governors to the centrifugal primary

How to observe flotation foam

During the flotation beneficiation operation, the color of the foam, the thickness of the foam, and the change of the sound of the foamed foam are important for judging the selectivity of the ore and other process conditions. The