The development trend of foreign mills

At present, the general trend of foreign grinding machine development is:

(1) Large equipment;

(2) Automation of the grinding production process;

Larger equipment can reduce the number of equipment, save floor space, save materials, energy consumption and maintenance costs; reduce operators and reduce costs. With the development of large-scale, the degree of automation is also increasing.

For example, the specifications of foreign medium-free mills are getting larger and larger. At present, the largest specifications for production are: self-grinding machines with a diameter of 10.97 meters. Each mill is driven by two 600-horsepower motors with a processing capacity of 400 tons/set·hour. . In the new design of the beneficiation plant have been employed of 12.2 meters in diameter larger from the mill.

The specifications of foreign rod mills and ball mills are also increasing. The maximum specification of the rod mill is: Φ4.57×6.24 meters, driven by 2000 horsepower motor; the maximum size of the Ball Mill is: Φ5.18×12.6 meters, driven by 7000 horsepower motor.

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