Domestic DCS Used for Breakthrough in Large Petrochemical Plants

The control system is the "nervous" of the process industry, and it is also an important part of industrial information construction. For a long time, the control systems of China's petrochemical and chemical process industries have been monopolized by multinational companies such as Siemens, Emerson, and Honeywell. However, in recent years, Zhejiang Zhongzhong Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Helishi System Engineering Co., Ltd. and other companies have been catching up with each other, rapidly occupying and expanding markets in the fields of petrochemicals and chemical engineering, and making great achievements in the localization of advanced DCS. contribution.
At the beginning of 2007, DCS independently researched and developed by DCS successfully won the bid for the Wuhan Petrochemical Refinery Renovation Project and applied it to the 5 million tons/year atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, indicating that the domestically-manufactured automatic control system has achieved a substantial breakthrough on the major petrochemical plant. The projects won by the company include 4 sets of 5 million tons/year atmospheric decompression, 1.9 million tons/year hydrorefining, 1.2 million tons/year delayed coking, and 60,000 tons/year sulfur recovery, with a contract value of 4.6 million. yuan. The next step of SDIC's efforts is localization of 10 million-ton oil refining, million-ton ethylene and PTA project control systems, large-scale petrochemical plant system integration, engineering implementation and advanced control and optimization technology research. At the end of July this year, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, inspected Zhongzhong. He hoped that Zhongguan would not only seek to expand its market share in China but also go global, and hoped that Central China would achieve greater success on the road to independent innovation.
According to Shi Yiming, assistant to the president of the company, the DCS has been developed from its original full-redundancy system to the current ECS-700 system with independent intellectual property rights (EPA) for 14 years. Distributed control of the device. By the end of 2006, Zhonghua had already used 5126 sets of products (DCS, APC, etc.) successfully in various industries, and 2175 users spread across 30 provinces and cities across the country and Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, and North America. About 70% of the application performance is concentrated in the chemical industry (coal methanol, chlor-alkali, polypropylene, nitrogen fertilizer, aniline), petrochemical (atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrogenation) fields, in 2006 the output value reached 1.05 billion yuan.
In mid-August, Zhongguan successfully won the DCS project of the polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) unit of Sichuan Deyang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which has taken a solid step for the control system of the company to enter large-scale devices in the special engineering plastics industry.
At the end of June this year, DCC's 30,000-ton/year epichlorohydrin project, which was undertaken by China National Chemicals, was successfully passed. The successful commissioning of this project is the first use of Central Control Products on this type of device, and is also the first use of domestic DCS on similar projects.
In December 2006, Zhonghua successfully won the bid for the 200,000-ton/year PVC and 180,000-ton/year ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project of Yibin Haifeng Herui Co., Ltd., which was the first step for the company's control system to enter the PVC industry. Stride.
In September 2006, Zhongzhong won the bid for the DCS of Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group Lunan Fertilizer Plant. The designed capacity of the project is 300,000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia and 520,000 tons/year of urea, which is the first application of domestic DCS on large-scale nitrogen fertilizer installations.
In addition, Beijing and Lees DCS have also been widely used in the chemical industry. The DCS projects that have been applied and are being implemented include annual coke production of 1 million tons, 600,000 tons of diesel hydrorefining, and 800,000 tons of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda. Million tons of vinyl chloride devices and polyvinyl chloride devices, 1 million tons of phosphoric acid diamine devices, 200,000 tons of methanol devices, 150,000 tons of dimethyl ether devices, 50,000 tons of titanium dioxide devices.

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