Marketing force boosts Foton Motor’s performance in the first 4 months of the year

Foton Motor’s performance in the first 4 months of the year is significant, and marketing is considered as the driving force

Recently, the disclosure of the first-quarter performance of listed companies was nearing the end. As the largest and most powerful listed automobile companies in the country, most of them showed good results. Among them, Futian Automobile, which is undergoing a transition to a large-scale international comprehensive automobile group, performed most prominently. The quarterly report just disclosed showed that Foton Motor’s net profit exceeded 100 million, an increase of 199.38% year-on-year; its operating income was 6.2 billion yuan, an increase of 28.19% year-on-year. The disclosed sales also revealed that its industrial development reached a new high. Experts pointed out that in addition to the integration of advanced international technologies, the increasingly strong marketing capability has become an important reason for the significant growth in the performance of Foton Motor.

Industrial counterpart capital, Futian achieved "double floating red" in April

The sales figures just announced indicate that Foton Motor sold 142,147 vehicles in the first four months, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%; it has created the highest historical results, and has no suspense to win sales of domestic commercial vehicles, with more than 20% of the market. The occupancy rate has maintained an absolute leading edge. Foton Motor also set a record high for its monthly sales of 55,000 units in March. According to industry analysts, this achievement of Foton was achieved thanks to the completion of its full range of product line layouts this year, forming a leading domestic scale advantage, and forming a higher level in terms of integrating international resources, lowering costs, and improving product cost performance. The threshold further widens the gap with industry followers. The company's collective efforts, including heavy trucks, light trucks, light passengers, SUVs, pickup trucks, etc., are also adding to the performance.

It is worth noting that while the overall performance of Fukuda was outstanding, the proportion of high-end products represented by Auman, Ouma, and Foton Euro V continued to expand, with sales of 40,560 vehicles 1-4, which was a year-on-year increase of more than 54.5%. Among them, Futian's Auman heavy trucks sold more than 22,000 vehicles in the first four months of this year, an increase of 101.1% over the same period last year, an increase of the top rank in the domestic industry, and even once appeared rare rarex "out of stock" phenomenon. The strong performance of Futian's high-end products shows that Fukuda has achieved significant results in structural adjustment since last year, and has embarked on a steady development path. It has also made Foton’s profitability widely viewed by all walks of life and has become a strong incentive for the capital market to rise. Is an important factor.

In addition, Foton’s export business has gradually become its “core competitiveness” in its international development. It is understood that in the first quarter of 2007, Foton exported a total of 3,889 vehicles, an increase of 505.8% over the same period of last year, while another famous domestic commercial vehicle brand exported 1,535 units of vehicles over the same period. Futian's emphasis on internationalization strategy and strength is evident. Due to the support of overseas markets, all sectors of the industry have considered Futian, a company with strong anti-risk capabilities, as “robust”.

Strong marketing momentum, Fukuda's impressive performance this year

Industry sources pointed out that Foton was able to achieve its first-quarter results, and its increasingly strong marketing capability was one of the important reasons. From the listing of Foton’s first MPV Mengpike this year, we can see that its marketing ability has been improved again, and its annual performance is widely optimistic.

Auto marketing experts pointed out that unlike Geely Automobile and other adept at surprise raid-based marketing, Foton is a real master of the “position warfare” in the automotive industry. Whether it is pushing high-end products or pushing cars, it is generally a thorough strategy lead. With steady progress, there must be food and grass ahead of the march, and once the offensive is launched, it will be imposing. Fu Xiang’s marketing vice president Wang Xiangyin’s marketing concept is good at innovation, and Futian’s tradition in marketing strategy reflects a variety of tactics. “The mature marketing ability shown by Foton Motor is an important guarantee for achieving outstanding performance in the first quarter of 2007.”

According to the analysis, Foton MP-X listed on the market recently demonstrated outstanding marketing capabilities, but also let the overall situation of Foton Motor "response up again." Monpike had fought the sword for three years before, and brought in the core competition technology of the “third generation chassis”. In addition, it was clearly a long-prepared European global listing and “decipherment of successful password” activity, which was not only received within 10 days in Guangzhou. Nearly a thousand orders were made, and they were also favored by Samaranch, Honorary President of IOC for life. Experts believe that from the van of commercial vehicles to Futian of the General Motors Group, they have taken a beautiful step at the beginning of entering the field of passenger vehicles and have greatly enhanced the confidence of investors, parties involved, and consumers.

"As long as this kind of marketing momentum is maintained, Fukuda's performance this year must look good," experts commented.

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