Stainless steel butterfly valve rust stainless steel butterfly valve solution

Stainless steel butterfly valve rust phenomenon occurs during use. After metallographic analysis, dyeing test face, heat treatment test face, SEM and other test analysis, the key factor to find out the material corrosion is that the carbides along the grain boundary in the material form a chrom

Nanjing Iveco sold 37,043 vehicles in the first quarter

Recently, SAIC Motor announced its March sales and sales bulletin. Production according to the Red Mar. heavy truck 2000, down 57.01 percent year on year; sales of heavy trucks 2155, down 66.99 percent year on

205.9 billion output value LEDs compete for dealers' industrial layout

Statistics show that domestic LED lighting companies have exceeded 10,000, LED application companies nearly 7,000, and LED lighting companies are mostly from the traditional lighting companies, because of the constraints of thinking mode, most of the market strategy uses the layout of the

Zhengzhou to become Henan Automobile and Parts Export Base

With the approval of the Henan Provincial Government, Zhengzhou City has officially become a base for the export of automobiles and parts in Henan Province.

According to reports, Zhengzhou Yutong, Zhengzhou Nissan, Zhengzhou Shaolin, and Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industry have