Tin mining

In 1996, the mining volume of tin mines in China was 5.304 million tons, of which 3.052 million tons were underground mining and 2.252 million tons were open-pit mining. Nearly half (103.6 million tons) of open pit mining is a sand mine.

Comprehensive utilization technology of refractory clay

1. Comprehensive utilization of technical methods and processes The purpose of refractory clay beneficiation and purification is mainly to reduce the content of "flux" components. Different methods are ad

Platinum mining

Whether foreign or domestic, platinum group metal mineral mining have to sand platinum mines first. The earliest foreign countries were mining sand-platinum mines in Colombia in 1778, foll

Material consumption quota

The quota of material consumption refers to the standard of the amount of materials that must be consumed to manufacture unit products or to complete unit labor under certain production technology organization conditions. Advanced and reasonable materi

Guizhou Mercury Mine Erkeng Concentrator (2)

The concentrate is dehydrated in the second stage, and the final flotation concentrate contains about 14% water, and the re-selected concentrate contains about 13% water.
Beneficiation plant process indicators in recent years, unit consumption indicator

Spring shaker

This is a shaker specially developed for the treatment of slime developed by Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Institute. It was initially shaped and promoted after being identified in September 1964, and continuously improved in production practice. I

Dust collection by metallurgy

In the process of fire refining bismuth, whether smelting or refining, flue gas dust are generated, wherein the compound of lead, arsenic, anti

Honeywell Partners with Flowserve to Offer Industrial IoT Solutions to Users

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] Honeywell and the United States Flowserve Corporation recently announced that the two companies will work together to provide users with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to help them achieve safer, more efficient, and more reli

Common technical equipment for diamond dressing

Since it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the crystal of the diamond from being damaged (or minimizing the secondary crushing rate), equipment for lower crushing strength or selective crushing is often u