Gold concentrator management mission

Learn gold beneficiation plant management task, we must first understand all the activities of the plant, as shown below. It can be seen from the figure that each concentrator is a dynamic system consisting of three parts: input, conversion and output. It is continuously active and improved. What are the requirements for its management in all activities of the concentrator? ? It is necessary to constantly accelerate the transformation from input to output, that is, people, money, and things. This is the main problem to be solved in management. The transformation of people is mainly manifested in the improvement of socialist consciousness of employees, the improvement of science and technology and the level of culture. The conversion of materials is mainly manifested in shortening the production cycle as soon as possible, and producing more finished gold or gold concentrate. The conversion of wealth is mainly reflected in the improvement of profitability. To sum up, the management task of the gold concentrator is to make the conversion of people, money and materials as much as possible and the greatest possible benefit.

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