Pyrite ore dressing process example

Those engaged in mineral processing believe that the main ore dressing method for pyrite ore is flotation, followed by re-election, magnetic separation or float-magnetic combined processes.

Inner Mongolia charcoal kilns pyrite ore processing, coal pyrite kilns Bayannaoer in Inner Mongolia, is a multi-metal sulphide deposits metamorphic rocks. The mining scale is 1.2 million t/a.

Useful ore minerals are mainly pyrite, copper ore, sphalerite, pyrrhotite, galena, and magnetite. The gangue minerals are mainly calcite , dolomite and quartz , followed by feldspar , chlorite and mica .

Pyrite is closely associated with pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and disseminated structure; chalcopyrite is irregularly filled in the early mineral gap, and some chalcopyrite is present in sphalerite. The droplet structure; the sphalerite is filled or immersed in the gangue; the pyrrhotite is distributed in the sphalerite. The ore is mainly composed of copper-sulfur ore and sulphur-zinc ore. Copper and zinc in the ore mainly exist as primary sulfides, and secondary copper and copper-zinc oxides are less.

The two ore types have been subjected to multiple ore dressing tests. The stream flotation process has significant advantages over the separate sorting of the two ores. Therefore, a stream flotation process is adopted in the design of the ore dressing plant.

The ore dressing of Yunfu Pyrite Mine in Guangdong Province, Yunfu Pyrite Mine is a large-scale open-pit mining joint enterprise with a designed scale of 3 million tons of raw ore per year, of which 1.5 million tons of lean ore is selected. The rich ore with a sulfur content of 36.75% is crushed to produce a product with a particle size of less than 3 mm.

1. Lean ore properties and beneficiation process

Yunfu pyrite ore is black and brown due to carbon content. The useful minerals are mainly pyrite, followed by pyrite, pyrrhotite, limonite, a small amount of sphalerite and chalcopyrite. The gangue minerals are quartz, calcite, sericite, carbonaceous, and the like. The ore structure is mainly strip-shaped, followed by block and disseminated.

The concentrating plant is designed as a coarse crushed piece . The large ore is crushed by a jaw crusher. The grinding is combined with a wet self-grinding and a lattice type mill. The classifier uses a Φ2 400mm sorghum double helix classifier, and the flotation is one. The crude two-fine two-sweeping process, concentrated and filtered by sulfur concentrate. The ore processing process and pharmaceutical system of lean ore have been improved by several years of production practice, and the ore flotation process of lean ore is now changed to two coarse and one fine.

The concentrating plant has a scale of 1.5 million t/a and a beneficiation ratio of 2.16. The conventional flotation agent, ethyl xanthate and 2# oil, has a sulfur concentrate of 40% and a recovery rate of 92.5%. The electricity consumption per ton of raw ore is 21.75kW·h. A rubber liner is used in the self-grinding mill .

Second, rich mine crushing plant

The crushing plant process. The scale of the rich ore crushing plant is 1.5 million t/a, the rich ore contains 36.75% sulfur, the crushing particle size is less than 3 mm, and the electricity consumption per ton of raw ore is 16.3 kW·h.

The ore dressing of sulfur ore, the main constituent minerals are: natural sulfur , gypsum , quartz, chalcedony and so on. The intermediate test used a mixture of four types of ore as the research object, containing 52% sulfur, flotation fineness -200 mesh 84.84%, and flotation concentration 22%. Adding 2kg/t water glass and 2# oil 18g/t, the intermediate test number and quality flow of Qinghai Ganou sulfur ore beneficiation obtained 83.89% sulfur concentrate, the recovery rate was 94.62%.

In addition to the natural sulfur ore tailings after refining sulfur, from about 15% sulfur, coal plus oil 83.35g / t dressing, available sulfur crude concentrate of 61.23%, 72.08% recovery.

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