2016 grain drying tower how to gain a firm foothold in the machinery industry

The current drying tower market environment is a test for every one of us. For enterprises, it is a test of business capabilities and strategic positioning, a test of the loyalty of each employee, and a test of the future situation and confidence. Under rational analysis, if we want to continue healthy development, we need to abandon the strategy of the homogenization and leap forward from now on, seek breakthroughs in terms of differentiation, and do the most special things to do. This is our turning point.
Different food varieties can use different drying towers. Such as wheat, rice-based food production areas can choose mixed flow, mixed countercurrent type drying tower. For corn-based production areas, multi-stage downstream high-temperature fast drying towers can be selected. For rice-based production areas, it is possible to select a drying tower with low temperature and large slow-soiling sections such as countercurrent and mixed countercurrent. Different foods have different drying processes and different drying temperatures. Different types of drying processes and drying towers can be selected according to the amount of food during the drying period. If there are many types of food, small quantities, or scattered storage of grain, small batch (circulating) drying towers or small portable drying towers should be selected. If the variety is single, the quantity is large and the drying period is short, a large continuous drying tower should be selected.

In recent years, with the advent of energy crisis and rising energy prices, it is necessary to take measures to change the operating conditions of the grain drying tower equipment, select drying equipment with high thermal efficiency, and recover part of the heat in the exhaust gas to reduce production costs.
1. Reducing various heat losses in the drying process: Generally speaking, the heat loss of the grain drying tower will not exceed 10%. If the medium and large scale production equipment is suitable for thermal insulation, the heat loss will be about 5%. Therefore, do a good job in the insulation of the drying system, but not the thicker the better the insulation layer, should determine an optimal insulation thickness. In order to prevent the leakage of the drying system, a blower and an induced draft fan are generally used in series, and the system is operated in a zero pressure state after being properly adjusted, so that the convection dryer can be prevented from being dried due to the leakage of the drying medium or the leakage of the ambient air. Tower thermal efficiency decline.
2. Reduce the evaporation load of the grain drying tower: Before the material enters the drying tower, pre-dehydration treatment such as filtration, centrifugal separation or evaporation of the evaporator can increase the solid content of the material and reduce the evaporation load of the drying tower. One of the most effective methods for energy-saving drying equipment.
3. Improve the air temperature at the inlet of the grain drying tower and reduce the exhaust gas temperature at the drying tower: Due to the common knowledge of the thermal efficiency of the drying tower, the air temperature at the inlet of the drying tower will be increased, which will improve the thermal efficiency of the drying tower. However, the inlet air temperature is limited by the product allowable temperature. In a co-current particle suspension drying tower, the surface temperature of the particles is relatively low, and therefore, the inlet air temperature of the drying apparatus can be much higher than the allowable temperature of the product.
With the development of modern society and the growth of the agricultural economy, our company has discovered that the traditional grain drying tower technology has not been able to meet the current agricultural machinery. Therefore, we believe that only by continuously improving the technology and continuous innovation can we establish our machinery industry. Invincible!

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