The correct way to start the refrigerator car teaches you not to hurt the car

The correct way to start a refrigerated truck is to slow down, and it is also necessary for the hot car to be idle at idle for a while. Everyone should know that the turbine is a component that tells the operation, so it is still necessary to use lubrication to protect each process. In the first time when the refrigerated truck starts, the oil will be more viscous, the temperature is lower, and the lubrication The effect is not very good either. If you wait for the temperature to rise to a more normal operating temperature, it takes a certain time and process. If you force the turbine to operate at full load during this time, it will quickly increase the wear on the turbine. The degree, and will also shorten the life of the turbine. Therefore, the correct way to start is that the refrigerated truck needs to idle for a few minutes before starting the engine. After waiting for the oil to enter an optimal working state, the engine can be told to run after the accelerator is stepped on.

Parking is also an operation that most refrigerated truck drivers are liable to make mistakes. Because the temperature of turbines will become very good when they are in operation, the correct parking mode is that they should be idle now. After a few minutes of flameout, the cooling system and the oil system of the vehicle's engine are all still in operation, so that the temperature of the turbine can be slowly lowered. When you turn off the vehicle, the turbine will still operate because of the inertia. At this time, it still needs oil to lubricate it. If the driver suddenly shuts down the engine, then the whole engine system will not be running. Operation, the entire supply chain of the turbine's lubricant and cooling system will stop momentarily, and it can only rely on natural cooling. Such operation will reduce the service life of the turbine.

However, what we need to pay attention to here is that when the driver of the refrigerated truck does not work after turning off the engine, the lubrication effect of the turbine will become very low, so it is better to use the turbine engine. The vehicle was extinguished after a few minutes in situ. The owners must develop a habit of regular maintenance inspections, so that they can better help drivers find problems in the turbine in a timely manner, preventing them from failing and delaying time when carrying out transportation. Gun. When inspecting the appearance of the turbocharger of a refrigerated vehicle , it is necessary to observe whether there is any damage or abnormal ringing of each seal ring. If there is an abnormality, it requires timely investigation and maintenance.

Clutch Cover

The clutch cover (Clutch Pressure Plate) supports the clutch rotating system and transmits engine torque by pushing the Clutch Disc. It is mounted on the flywheel, and squeezes the disc against the engine flywheel.

For comfortable and safe driving, it is important to select a good quality clutch cover suitable for the type of vehicle. SYC clutch cover is categorized according to shape, part composition and features. Each type has a unique characteristic and permit the part for each car ensuring a smooth start & a good driving.

Every SYC Clutch cover need pass the size, dynamic balance, performance test before the delivery.

Clutch Cover

Clutch Cover

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