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Alternating between spring and summer is a season in which mosquitoes breed. Mosquitoes are one of the chief culprits for the spread of diseases and crops. Regular biological mosquito killings are the responsibility of the farmers' sanitation department. In order to ensure a good harvest for the hygiene and crops of the living environment, the farmers’ brothers and the Sanitation Department have recently used the fight drugs to kill the mosquito larvae in the larger sewage ditch in the city and some crops in the fields.

I saw that the two sanitation vehicles of the sanitation department installed 2 tons of water and blended 90 lbs of “BS” solution to eliminate the mosquito larvae in major sewage trenches, trunk canals and sewage ponds in the city. According to the staff of the drug-trafficking vehicle, the "BS" solution is a non-chemical preparation that contains microorganisms that mosquito larvae like to eat. However, once the mosquito larvae eat this microorganism, the stomach will swell and die. As the number of mosquitoes changes with the seasons, it is closely related to the humidity, temperature, and amount of rain, and mosquito larvae and ticks must grow in the water. Therefore, stagnant water is the best place for mosquito breeding. Due to the high summer temperatures, high humidity, and high rainfall, it is more suitable for the breeding of mosquitoes. The department of environmental sanitation has issued a notice requesting that the roadside trees be sprayed with pesticides on a daily basis for a week in a row, and a "BS" liquid biological mosquito killer be sprayed on the main urban sewage ditch every 20 days. The regular biological killing of drug fighters has played a positive role in reducing and preventing the spread of diseases, ensuring the health of the people and improving the urban environment.

Fighting car safety operating procedures:

1. Check the appearance of each day before leaving the vehicle and check for leaks (leakage, leaking hydraulic oil, leaks).

2. Raise the seat to check the oil, and the steering oil is sufficient (not enough to fill)

3. Sit on the seat to check whether each operation handle is valid, open the switch to check if the instruments are normal

4. When the engine is started in the neutral position for 3-5 minutes warm-up (cold start to pull the choke valve) warm up, the engine should be greater than idle speed.

5. Start; step on the brake and hang it in a gear, relax the handbrake, and slowly step on the accelerator board

6. When shifting gears, first stop the vehicle, and when the engine is at idle, step on the brakes, and then return to the neutral position and shift gears. (Vehicles running, not stopped, shifting is prohibited when the engine is in high speed operation)

7. When walking, you should slow down the speed when you encounter uneven roads. It is strictly forbidden to carry people on machinery.

8. Parking; Parking should be returned to neutral gear, pull the handbrake, and take the key to the switch.

9. For the drug 1; open the car to the designated area, first fill the tank with water to half, start the engine to the engine speed to 1500, lock the engine speed with the cruise lock, open the pump switch and turn on the stirring switch. (If there is no pressure after the dosing pump is turned on, press and hold the pressure lift switch for 7-15 seconds)

10. For drug 2; all powdered drugs must first be mixed in the barrel with water and then poured into the medicine tank.

11. Sprayer arm upgrade can not be carried out at the same time. It must be carried out on one side. At the same time, it should be noted that the speed should be slowed when it is going up or down, and the lift switch should be released when lifting up and down.

12. Spraying operation 1; After completing the above steps, drive the medicine spraying vehicle to reach the spraying area (maintaining the spraying of the medicine pump and stirring on the way)

13. Spraying operation 2; open foam generator switch for bubble size debugging

14. Spraying operation 3; Leveling the spray arm (keeping it level) Open the spray control switch and try it with the spray main switch.

15. Spraying operation 4; Recognize the direction of spraying the medicine to perform the spraying operation. Pay attention to obstacles during the movement and lift both sides of the spraying arm in time.

16. The pressure of spraying is unified by the director of the lawn and relevant personnel of the mechanics according to the nozzle model and spray pressure

17. Clean 1; Clean the job every time after the drug is finished. Inject 200 liters of clean water into the tank. Open the fight pump switch and stir switch. Lock the engine speed at 1500 rpm. Lower the spray arm and turn on the spray switch to clean it for the first time. jobs.

18. Clean 2; Repeat step 17 twice with 150 liters of water each time. At the same time, the appearance of the can, the appearance of the spray arm, and the appearance of the sprayer are cleaned.

19. After the completion of steps 17 and 18, the appearance, spray arm, etc. are checked and fuel is returned to the machine.

Drug cars using the new inlet air spray system is a high range, high efficiency, good mobility generation plant protection machinery, with a spray device, can move up and down, the pressurized liquid by the pump and fan can be on the secondary atomization Gardening street trees, green belts, garbage dumps, collection points, etc. are sprayed to kill insects, and the atomization distance can reach up to 50 meters; it has strong penetrating power and liquid adhesion to objects, and can effectively save the amount and decrease of drug use. Pollution, the installation of fans can rotate 360 ​​degrees, horizontal spray 20-25 meters, vertical spray 25-35 meters, can be adjusted according to need to be large, medium and small, drizzle status, post-platform, plus before the post-splash and other equipment. Agricultural fight drugs, also known as hand-push fight drugs, easy to move, high-air spray, suitable for outdoor plant maintenance work. Agricultural fight drugs vehicles include the fight drugs frame, 168F power, pump heads (sprayer), medicine boxes, high pressure hoses and brackets. The framework plays a supporting role, and 4 wheels are installed to achieve mobile fight drugs. 168F power provides power to drive the pump head to rotate. The pump head is mainly pressurized.

The vehicle is not only suitable for the municipal sanitation department, but also applies to the urban afforestation management department, forest management office, large vegetable planting base, plant protection stations, farmland orchards, grassland pastures, golf courses, drug spraying, pest control, disinfection, and outbreaks. Anti-epidemic, dust removal and cooling of important tools.

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