Refrigerator dryer operating structure

If the air dryer is not cooling how to solve? Without cooling, it means that it cannot work properly, and even if it cannot remove water, it is equivalent to not booting. What causes this? First check the heat dissipation of the condenser. In general, the air-cooled condenser should always clean the heat-dissipating aluminum sheet. The heat sink aluminum plays an important role in heat dissipation. Second, check if the refrigerant is enough to see the pressure gauge.

Why do I need a dryer? After the air compressor is compressed, the rear cooler is cooled, the air-water separator is separated, and the compressed air after the buffer tank is regulated is generally saturated. The relative humidity is 100%, and contains impurities such as oil and solid particles. Compressed air cannot be used directly. Drying equipment such as refrigerated dryers are required for drying and purifying.

The main components of the refrigerating dryer are: refrigerating compressor, drying filter, hot gas bypass valve, expansion valve, wind condenser, refrigerant high pressure meter, refrigerant low pressure meter, pressure controller, electronic drain, main contactor, heat exchanger The composition of the dryer is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification. Compressed air is forced through the evaporator to exchange heat and cool down, so that the gaseous water and oil in the compressed air are isostatically cooled, condense into liquid water and oil, and entrain dust. , through the automatic drain discharge system, so as to obtain clean compressed air.

There are two types of computer engraving machines: laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Both of these types have high power and low power. Because the application range of Engraving Machine is very wide, it is necessary to understand the most suitable application range of various engraving machines: 1. Badge: low-power Laser Engraving Machine (engraving machine), high-power or low-power computer engraving machine; Building model: large and small power computer engraving machine; 3, metal (mold, chapter, etc.) processing: large and small power computer engraving machine (high power due to more cutting each time and save time); 4, crystal word production: High-power laser engraving machine (50W or more), high-power mechanical engraving machine; 5. Wood, plexiglass, artificial stone and other signs production: high-power mechanical engraving machine; 6, display, exhibition model production: high-power, large-format mechanical engraving Machine; 7, ceramics, mold blanks, jade, crafts, ornaments, pendants, electronic fixtures, hand-carving: high-power computer engraving machine.
Main classification
Woodworking engraving machine
Tombstone engraving machine
Laser engraving machine
Advertising engraving machine
Jade carving machine
Stone Engraving Machine
Cylindrical engraving machine
Mold engraving machine
Miniature engraving machine
PCB circuit board engraving machine
Metal Engraving Machine
Glass engraving machine
Mold engraving machine
main application
Advertising, technology, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, crystal products industry, etc.
Carving supplies
Acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, MDF, marble, fire board, rubber board, glass, crystal, etc.
Business object
Advertising companies, decoration companies, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings, entertainment venues, bathing centers, groups, enterprises, administrative agencies, etc.

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