E-commerce will boost the instrumentation industry

China has stepped into the industry of big instrument manufacturing industry and has already had a considerable industrial scale through years of development. In the developing world, instrumentation is also developing, development speed affects industries and enterprises in the electronics under the commerce power in the future development of instrumentation is bright.

Since entering the 21st century, the rapid development of e-commerce in our country has also accelerated the pace of development for all walks of life. Among them, the instrumentation also will benefit, the future development of a bright future.

With the continuous expansion of market demand, the instrumentation industry closely related to people's life has also been booming. However, due to technical and innovation reasons, there is still a huge gap between the domestic instrumentation industry and foreign countries. Faced with the bottleneck of development, China's automation control systems and field instruments have now formed middle and low-grade products with their own enterprises as their mainstay and high-mid-range products as their main foreign-funded enterprises. Large and medium-sized construction projects rely on domestic and foreign market structures for foreign and medium-sized projects.

In 2010, the scale of production and sales of China's instrumentation industry exceeded 500 billion yuan for the first time. At the same time, with the help of e-commerce, China's instrumentation industry is even more powerful: it can help domestic enterprises of instrumentation components to compete at home and abroad and directly talk to the international market, helping enterprises to rapidly break through the technology bottlenecks and upgrade their technological innovation.

The next five years, China's instrumentation industry to develop e-commerce market, will become the mainstream of sustainable development industry As we all know, in today's e-commerce downturn, the number of open information channels and information resources determine the life and death and success, for instrumentation This is even more true in this highly specialized field.

China has stepped into the industry of big instrument manufacturing industry and has already had a considerable industrial scale through years of development. The world is developing, instrumentation is also developing, the pace of development affects the industry and business, with the help of e-commerce in the future development of instrumentation is bright.

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