Let smart lighting fit into the home

The intelligent lighting control system developed by Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology is not only suitable for large-scale public intelligent lighting, but also suitable for personal home, so that the results of the laboratory are really close to life.
According to reports, the current street lights in the market generally use light sensor lighting, it is like a human eye, after automatically sensing the light and dark, you can turn on or off the light yourself, this lighting system can not automatically detect whether the light is broken, Workers are required to conduct regular inspections, resulting in excessive cost of manual maintenance management.
The configurable intelligent lighting control system has the function of remotely controlling and detecting whether the lamp is good or bad, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost in this respect. Specifically, it is to classify and combine lights of different environments and different environments on the control platform, and number each of the combined lights. For example, office lights, corridor lights or site lights, first sorted one by one, and then serially number each of the classified lights. On the operating platform, you can directly detect by the number where the lamp has a problem.
Remote control can be achieved in two ways: one is the zigbee wireless network technology protocol. The so-called zigbee is an emerging short-range, low-rate wireless network technology that can be used for short-range wireless connections. Zigbee is generally used outdoors, because it is difficult to achieve comprehensive coverage of the network in the outdoor, especially in rural areas or in mountainous areas. The intelligent lighting system that can be networked needs to be remotely controlled through the network. Therefore, the cost is relatively high. For large public lighting control. The other is the wifi protocol. This route is low in cost and can be purchased for four or fifty yuan. It is more suitable for indoor lighting in ordinary households. For example, at home or in the office, free to download and install the LEDwifi control system client on the mobile phone, connect to the wifi, and directly control the lighting directly on the mobile phone.
It is understood that Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology has reached a cooperation with the company to build the system into the rice cooker field. Later, in the office, or on the way home, you can also press the rice cooker switch remotely and control the rice anytime and anywhere. In the future, this result will be applied to areas such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc., making our lives more convenient and free.

Road Grooving Machine is used to widen crack before amending seam in asphalt surface;

Road Blower is used to clean cement and asphalt road surface;

Road Crack Sealing Machine is used to sealing concrete and asphalt road crack.

Road Repair Machine

Road Grooving Machine Features:

1. Light weight small slot machine volume, easy to operate, comes with power, field construction do not have to worry about external power supply. 
2. Grooving mechine can easily, accurately and quickly in asphalt and concrete pavement width opened 1-5 cm, 0-5 cm depth of slot. 
3. Grooving mechine is mainly used for asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, a large area of the venue slotted work surface cracks.

Road Blower Features:

1. HONDA engine, excellent performance, easy to start-up;
2. Unique designed centrifugal blade wheel, huge wind volume, high wind pressure.
3. Air course can be adjusted, easy to operate;
4. Plastic treated, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and beautiful.

Road Crack Sealing Machine Features:

1) Use imported diesel burner, good performance;  asphalt crack melter

2) Constant temperature control, material output and input all by constant temperature control;

3) The material output speed is adjustable;  

4) Adopts Honda generator, famous brand, high quality.

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Road Repair Machine

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