Second-hand car transaction considerations

Second-hand car transaction considerations

Used cars have always been popular with some consumers for their low prices. When buying used cars, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

1. There are various pitfalls in the used-car trade. The trading process must be careful to prevent cheating.

2, used car's factory time. The technical condition of the used car is directly related to the time of use of the vehicle. The current performance of the car can be preliminarily estimated by looking at the time at which the used car is manufactured.

3, used car mileage. The service life of a car is determined by the time of use and mileage. After a typical car has traveled between 150,000 and 200,000 kilometers, the technical performance of the vehicle has been significantly reduced, and the cost of repairs has increased. The mileage of a used car can generally be read directly from the odometer. The mileage of some imported cars is calculated in miles. Attention should be paid when searching.

4, used car inspection items. When purchasing a used car, first of all make sure that the vehicle's various ancillary equipment is working properly, such as wipers, mirrors, humidity meters, heaters, defrosters, lamps, turn signals, and air conditioning equipment. Then focus on the following items: paint, body damage, body corrosion, shock absorbers and suspension systems, front wheel alignment, and steering

5, used car test inspection. After careful inspection of the appearance of the used car, the vehicle can be started and the vehicle can be tested. The vehicle should meet the following conditions: good start-up performance; no abnormal sound of low, medium and high speeds of the engine; exhaust gas of the car should be colorless gas, if the tail gas Blue smoke, indicating that the engine burning oil; start should be smooth, no slipping and vibration of the clutch; flexible speed, such as jumping, shifting difficult or audible, prove that the synchronizer serious wear; drive shaft and drive axle should be no vibration and noise; The steering wheel has flexible steering, no deviation, high speed and no oscillation; the brake is stable and reliable; about 15km/h test run, the water temperature and the oil temperature of the transmission and drive axle are normal; the automobile with automatic transmission should be subjected to a braking test, such as engine speed High, it proves that the clutch has worn out, and the service life of the automatic transmission will not be too long. In these respects, the test should be carefully watched, listen carefully, and check clearly.

In addition, pay attention to the relevant formalities when trading used cars:

1, used car registration certificate must be handled

2, used car travel certificate must be changed

3, the owner ID card, unit code certificate to be true and effective

4. Second-hand car purchase additional tax, road maintenance fee and vehicle and vessel use tax must be legally valid

5, signed a vehicle trading contract, relevant content to be filled out clearly

6, in a timely manner to handle a variety of changes in the relevant procedures

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