Ore weight

The determination of the weight of the ore sample required for the test depends mainly on the following factors: the type and nature of the ore, the type of test, the scale and depth, the complexity of the ore dressing method and process, the specifications

Technical Analysis of Automatic Fire Alarm

As an enemy to the survival of human beings, fire has attracted more and more attention. The design of a fire automatic alarm and fire protection system with high reliability and real-time performance is a need for the development of science and technology society, and it is also a need to en

Preventive measures for major accidents in open pit mines

The main accidents in open pit mines include: landslides on the stope, transport vehicle accidents, mechanical accidents, lifting injuries, electric shocks, water hazards, fires, falling from heights, blasting accidents, boiler and pressure vessel explosions, poisoning and suffocation. Acci

The acceptance of vault doors requires special attention

Now with improved quality of life for everyone, for everyone's sense of security is also getting higher and higher, and now some of the protective equipment selling is getting better, while the previous protective equipment also began gradually be eliminated, treasury The door was