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The artificial cleaning of guardrails on urban roads takes a long time and the effect of cleaning is not obvious, that is, time is wasted and manpower is wasted. However, the effect of cleaning the car with a guardrail is not the same. The guardrail cleaning vehicle saves manpower and accelerates the speed. The use of fence cleaning vehicles is very extensive and can be used for fence cleaning and urban road barrier cleaning. It can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., urban road barriers, and scrubbing on both sides of the road. How to properly choose a fence cleaning car, Xiao Bian to help you.


1, the choice of chassis

There are many kinds of chassis for manufacturing the fence cleaning vehicle, which requires the owner to determine the choice of the chassis according to their own use conditions and their use environment. At present, the use of more Dongfeng, Futian and other chassis, so you can visit before purchase.

2. Making materials

Many manufacturers are cheap, mainly because of the quality of the plates used, vacuum density, etc. do not meet the standards, often produced vehicles, the service life is not long, or even repeatedly used to cause deformation of the tank, so the owner can go to the factory before buying Inspect to better ensure the quality of the guardrail cleaning vehicle.

3, the product process is also very important

In the past decade, many special-purpose vehicle companies have stepped up efforts in technological innovation, focused on energy conservation and emission reduction, and devoted themselves to the development of single engine power for automobile engines, making full use of the engine's remaining horsepower. The unique stand-alone force-taking design fully utilizes the remaining horsepower of the engine. The cleaning machine does not need to use the auxiliary engine, saves energy, and reduces emissions, which not only protects the environment, but also reduces the economic expenditure. So be sure to choose advanced manufacturing manufacturers.

When shopping for guardrails, Xiaobian suggested that everybody should ask the details of the car and ask questions about the configuration. Do not carelessly and put the car home. When you buy a car, you will be able to save many things in the future.

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