Kelvin Hughes supplies eagle eye radar for South African naval vessels

Kelvin Hughes, a design and delivery company for navigation and security surveillance systems, has contracted the installation and commissioning of the Eagle Eye Radar (product library supply) system for the South African Navy SAS Drakensberg marine supply ship.

         In addition to the X and S bands, Kelvin Hughes' Hawkeye radar will also provide a tactical display that includes a display that meets IMO requirements and an advanced helicopter approach and control agile tracker. With its advanced target detection capabilities, this solid eagle eye radar will provide an industry-leading maritime situational awareness. Through digital pulse compression and Doppler processing of radar echoes, even in very harsh climates, the Hawkeye radar can detect low-radar targets (RCS) from semi-submersible targets to the smallest non-cooperative ships. ferry. Thanks to the overall flexible tracker, the radar system will provide reliable target tracking for fast, highly maneuverable ground and air targets.

         The SAS Drakensberg Marine Supply Ship is a state-of-the-art naval ship designed and built entirely by South Africa. The main mission of the SAS Drakensberg marine supply ship is to support and assist South Africa’s warships at sea, making it possible for the South African Navy to deploy troops over long distances. As the marine supply ship has been designed to be able to equip and take off two large helicopters at the same time, a key benefit of Kelvin Hughes' radar system is that it will have helicopter control and tracking capabilities that meet flight safety requirements.

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