Drive gear shift attention gear teeth easy to destroy gearbox

The car has existed in the Chinese market for some years, but there are still a lot of breakdown problems. We are still not very clear. Let's introduce you to the car today and see if you have encountered such a situation. Or did you meet, do not know that this is a tooth!

What are the teeth?

Gearing generally occurs in gearboxes. When the gears rub against each other, a tooth strike occurs. In general, teething occurs in manual gearboxes. So why do hand-car models hit the teeth?

The vehicle will be equipped with a component called a synchronizer. The role of the synchronizer is to synchronize a high-speed gear with the gear that is about to enter this gear. If there is no synchronizer, then a slowly rotating gear is forced into a high-speed rotating gear. This will definitely happen!

What is the reason for teething?

In general, there will be no teething in the normal driving state, but more teething situations will occur in the reverse gear state. Why is this? The reason is this: Many vehicles do not have synchronizers installed in reverse gear. This is because people who design cars think that reverse gear is the only thing to be done after the vehicle has completely stopped! Therefore, no synchronizer is installed for the reverse gear.

In the stopped state, in this state, the differential between the gears becomes smaller, so that the reverse gear is smoother!

What is the damage to teeth?

What kind of damage will be caused to the vehicle? The gears are of metal texture, and friction will definitely cause some damage. It takes a long time, many times, and the edges and corners of the gears have been flattened. Naturally it will fall. If something is a little shaken, something will happen. If the problem is serious, we must also overhaul the gearbox.

How to avoid teething?

First of all, be sure to stop while parking, and step on the clutch when shifting. Do not stomp on half the clutch. Sometimes, even if the clutch is not stepped in the end, there will be teething, but the feeling is not so obvious. Remember the highlights, stop, and step on the clutch!

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