·The new car was squatted by the fake certificate and could not be put on the card.

Before the certificate was mortgaged, the vehicle could not be properly boarded after the car was purchased, which caused widespread concern. Nowadays, China Consumers Association has found that some consumers have obtained a vehicle certificate after buying a car, and they are not allowed to go on the road. Beijing Hyundai and many other car companies are involved.

According to the information from China Consumers Association, some consumers reported that they purchased a brand of family car and took the relevant materials to the vehicle management office. The vehicle management staff informed them that the certificate for the purchase of the vehicle had been registered and licensed. Can't play again. After investigation, some criminals misappropriated the new car information of the automobile manufacturers, and used the forged certificate to pre-register the unidentified vehicles. The cars that were normally sold by the car manufacturers could not be registered.

According to the situation of China Consumers Association, brands such as Beijing Hyundai, BMW Brilliance, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, Beijing Benz, Dongfeng Nissan and so on have all been registered as pre-registration certificates for fake vehicles. Moreover, after the registration information of some of the certified vehicles is revoked, it is still impossible to re-register the cards, causing huge losses to consumers.

China Consumers Association specifically reminds consumers and relevant departments:

First, when consumers purchase vehicles, they should choose the dealers authorized by the car manufacturers, do not covet small and cheap, buy cars with unknown routes. The owner of a vehicle that purchases a fake certificate will not only suffer economic losses, but may be prosecuted for criminal liability.

Second, the automobile manufacturers should strengthen the management of the vehicle certification, and do a good job in the confidentiality of the vehicle certification in the production, preservation and transportation to prevent information leakage. When new car information is used by criminals, auto companies should actively assist consumers in solving problems and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers who purchase new cars through formal channels.

Third, the vehicle management department should do a good job in the inspection and verification of the licensing process, strictly compare the actual data of the vehicle, the paper certificate information and the certificate information in the vehicle management system to prevent the “wrong” license.

4. The public security organs and other administrative departments shall promptly investigate and deal with the false certificate cases that have been discovered, speed up the handling of the cases, and timely revoke the registration information of the vehicles with false certificates while combating crimes, ensure the successful registration of the genuine vehicles, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. .


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