Talk about compressed air metering

First, the nature of compressed air and pre-treatment compressed air comes from the atmosphere, while the atmosphere contains a certain amount of water vapor, which is a kind of humid air. Engineering thermodynamics believes that the water vapor pressure in wet air is usually very low, wh

Q941F electric high pressure ball valve is reliable

Compared with other valve products, Q941F electric high pressure ball valve is a unique self-sealing design. The higher the pressure, the more reliable the seal. The valve seat is composed of a carbon fiber reinforced Teflon seal ring and a disc spring, so it is highly adaptable to changes in

Explosion-proof electrical appliances face the challenge

After years of development, China's explosion-proof electrical industry has achieved express development, especially explosion-proof electrical appliances for mines with the development of the coal industry into a period of stable and rapid development. At present, the pattern of productio