Double Stars Handle Hengyu Technology to Create a New Model for Industry Integration

Recently, Qingdao Shuangxing and Shandong Hengyu Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Qingdao, and jointly invested in the formation of Qingdao Xingheng Tire Co., Ltd. to leverage the advantages of both parties, promote industry consolidation, and jointly expand the win-win market.

Double Stars Handle Hengyu Technology to Create a New Model for Industry Integration
Double Stars Handle Hengyu Technology to Create a New Model for Industry Integration

It is understood that Twinstar and Hengyu have formed strategic partnerships and created a new model for industry integration. The cooperation between the two parties will make full use of the platforms and capital advantages of Double Star, display Hengyu’s existing brands, products and manufacturing capabilities, allow Hengyu to develop healthily and rapidly, and establish Hengyu as a differentiated tire manufacturer in the industry as soon as possible. At the same time, through the integration of manufacturing capabilities, we will accelerate the implementation of the "three-ization and two-ring" Internet of Things strategy.

The Double Star Group is a rubber company with a history of more than 90 years. Qingdao Double Star is the only state-owned listed company in the tire industry in Shandong Province. It is also one of the few companies in the world that possesses tire and tire manufacturing equipment technology and manufacturing experience. Double Star Tire is Asian brand 500 "China's first tire brand. In recent years, it has started a new journey of establishing a second-tier venture and creating a world-famous brand. Under the guidance of the “first, open, and innovative” general policy, it seized the opportunity of the Internet to take the lead in organizing innovation and model innovation, and took the lead in the industry to promote the market. Differentiation, organizational platform, business unitization "three management model", the establishment of "service 4.0" ecosystem and "Industry 4.0" ecosystem, to create a unique tire industry IOT ecosystem.

Shandong Hengyu Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few tire companies in the industry to implement the MES system. The company specializes in producing various types of truck and truck tires and car tires and ranks among the top 50 in Shandong Province's rubber industry. The company's equipment is first-class, inspection methods are perfect, and key equipments such as production and testing are all from the United States, Germany, and other developed countries. Its technology, equipment, and factory buildings are at a good level in China's tire industry. The UHP series tires produced by the self-developed SCOT technology are characterized by comfort, safety, and light weight, and have broad market prospects.

Sharing a win-win situation is a new trend and victory of the company under the new normal economy. The strategic cooperation with Hengyu Technology is the first opportunity for Double Star to seize the opportunity of the Chinese tire industry, relying on the first tire industry fund jointly established with Ping An Bank. Advantages: The specific practice of global tire integration and the expansion of the tire industry chain will assist Hengyu Technology in improving the tire manufacturing technology, tire intelligent equipment and manufacturing levels, accelerating the strategic layout of the dual-star tire market in China, and strengthening the industry leadership of the dual-star industry. effect.

This is another important step taken by Binxing after occupying the De Rui Bao factory and the large-scale radial tire production base in Kazakhstan. Double Star aims to create a world-famous brand for Chinese tires and is currently promoting the “three-cycle and two-ring” IoT ecosystem strategy. It has gained industry recognition and praise; and it has cooperated with Hengyu Science and Technology to create a win-win situation. It highlights the temperament of the “lead geese” leading the market in the new round of reorganization and reshuffling of the tire industry.

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