Rollo receives another design and supply equipment order for a live fish carrier

It is reported that one of the world's largest live fish transporters, Norwegian shipowner Sølvtrans AS has announced that an alternative order will take effect, and another live fish carrier will be designed and supplied by Rolls-Royce. . This will be the fourth ship developed by Rolls-Royce for Sølvtrans.
Rollo receives another design and supply equipment order for a live fish carrier
The model designed by Rolls-Royce is NVC 387, which will be built by the shipyard in Myklebust, Kleven, Norway. The contract for the first vessel was signed at the shipyard in June 2015 and is expected to be delivered in March 2017. The second vessel is expected to be delivered in September 2017.
It is understood that this live fish transporter is 80 meters long and has a loading capacity of 3,200 cubic meters and can transport about 500 tons of live fish. In addition to ship design and engineering, Rolls-Royce will also deliver equipment such as propulsion systems, steering gears, power systems, automation systems, deck machinery and advanced propulsion control systems.

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