China Aviation Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. delivered 19 dredgers and auxiliary vessels in Myanmar

On September 14, 2013, the Inland Waterways Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of Myanmar held a handover ceremony for 19 dredgers and auxiliary vessels produced in China in Yangon. Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Yang Houlan, Myanmar Minister of Communications Nian Teng Ang, Deputy Minister Han Sheng, Director of the Inland Navigation Bureau, Teng Lunwu, Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Myanmar, Jiang Yigang, Deputy General Manager of the Exporter China Aviation Technology Beijing Company, Li Jin, Lender China Import and Export Wen Hong, the general representative of the bank in Myanmar, attended the meeting.
In his speech, Minister Xing Ang thanked the relevant departments of China and Myanmar for their work on the successful implementation of the project. It is said that river transport is very important to Myanmar. The use of these vessels will help Myanmar improve water transport conditions, improve inland water transport capacity and flood control and disaster mitigation, and have a positive effect on Myanmar's economic and social development.
Ambassador Yang said that Myanmar has abundant water resources and the development prospects of inland navigation are broad. Chinese-made dredgers are mature products that have been exported to Europe and the United States for many times. It is believed that the comprehensive utilization level of water resources in Myanmar will be effectively improved. The Chinese government attaches great importance to China-Myanmar cooperation in the field of transportation and is willing to continue to provide technical assistance and financing support for the improvement of transportation infrastructure conditions in Myanmar, and promote the rapid economic and social development of Myanmar.
Director of the Inland Navigation Bureau, Teng Lunwu, and Li Jin, deputy general manager of China Aviation Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. delivered speeches at the ceremony to introduce the implementation process of the project, indicating that the project will lay a solid foundation for deepening cooperation between the two parties.
The dredger project started in 2009 with a total value of 40 million US dollars. China Aviation Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. is responsible for exporting general contract, and China Exim Bank provides preferential loan support.

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