"Light" is the advantage of the truck's aluminum truck

The concept of "lightweight" first originated in motor sports. Its advantage lies in its light weight, which can lead to better handling of vehicles. As “energy saving and environmental protection” has become a hot topic of concern, lightweight is also widely used in the truck industry, and it has excellent fuel economy performance while improving handling.

Under the light-car target, the application of aluminum alloy in trucks will have excellent performance. Under the premise of keeping the overall quality, performance and cost of the automobile unchanged or even optimized, reducing the weight of the automobile can improve handling, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce exhaust emissions. Quantity, improve safety. According to research figures, if the vehicle's vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%.

Aluminum car five "more"

1, more energy-efficient

Overall vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%

2, more environmentally friendly

Lightweight and high-strength, reduce vehicle weight, reduce carbon dioxide emissions

3, more secure

Absorbing and absorbing sound, strong crashworthiness, short braking distance, small collision impact force

4, more economical

High payload, low operating costs, long service life, and high return on investment

5, more beautiful

Silver white gloss, stylish appearance, anti-corrosion rust

What are the external conditions for the development of aluminum trucks?

1. The 12th Five-Year Plan officially proposes the concept of new materials and light weight;

2. The development of new energy vehicles has certain difficulties;

3. The environmental protection, fuel economy and overload control measures of commercial vehicles are continuously upgraded;

4, overseas mature lightweight technology can enter the Chinese market at any time.

Developing the inner conditions of aluminum trucks:

1, aluminum corrosion resistance, strength, good plastic wear resistance high temperature;

2, aluminum is the best extruded profiles, can create a variety of complex profiles;

3. Mainly used in aerospace, rail transit, automobile industry and Other fields;

4. Lightweight, light and clean bearing, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced exhaust emissions.

Typical advantages of domestic lightweight aluminum trucks:

1. High-quality low-iron low-silicon-aluminum ingot market share

2. Independent research and development of aluminum car series products, continuous research and development upgrade;

3, advanced aluminum alloy connection technology and modular aluminum manufacturing technology, 37 patents, including 11 invention patents;

4, removable parts to reduce maintenance costs;

5, to provide customers with the best products and services of the cultural mission.

The foreign aluminum box truck market is concentrated in Europe, North America and Japan. Foreign aluminum van trucks account for 64.6% of the total truck market. In 2010, China's aluminum van trucks accounted for 0.21% of the total truck sales, and its market share was extremely low. Our development space is large, but the level of technology research and development and domestic marketing promotion need to be greatly improved.

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