The sprinkler does not pay attention to wet the pedestrian’s clothing when working

The sprinkler does not pay attention to wet the pedestrian’s clothing when working

At around 10:30 yesterday morning, Ms. Fuzhou Lin changed to the bus at Shudu Station and found that there was a sprinkler in front of the sprinkler. The speed of the sprinkler approached the bus stop and did not slow down. The waiting passengers were rushed to the platform. Behind the billboard, there were several elderly people who couldn't escape and the whole body was splashed wet.
At 11 a.m. yesterday morning, the reporter arrived at the Shutu bus station and found that there was indeed a large amount of water on the ground on the platform. The reporter then contacted the Fuzhou branch of Hangzhou Road and Bridge Co., Ltd., which belongs to the sprinkler. Manager Zhu told reporters. The driver who drove the sprinkler was the new driver on the first day of the road. The operation was inexperienced. In response, Manager Zhu apologized to the public.
Sprinkler meets wheelchair, driver closes nozzle

@ Anchor Wu Wei: A sprinkler is operating on Huangpu Street. While playing music, he presses a horn to remind passers to pay attention to avoidance. An old gentleman pushes his wife to nowhere. The old man turns the wheelchair to the left by ninety. Attempted to turn his wife back to the sprinkler. The driver of the sprinkler turned off the right sprinkler when approaching a wheelchair. The vehicle number was: A-A1155, like this one.
@Miao Wenyu: In the morning, customers came to buy white wine at home. Dad said that this kind of wine can win prizes. The customer opened the bottle cap on the spot and there was a lottery ticket inside it: plus 2 yuan for a bottle. After Dad gave him a redemption, he again Open the bottle, there is still the same lottery. Repeatedly, when the fifth bottle of wine is opened, it is a piece of round coins, which will stop. Hey, buy a bottle of wine and turn it into a bottle of five bottles and go home. The customer is happy, how happy is it in the morning.
@ Commentator Bai Shui: A friend approached Baocheng Road in Hankou yesterday afternoon and parked the car on the roadside. At 6 o'clock in the evening, he discovered that he had stopped at the night market stalls. The stall holders had to put the goods on the roof and around. A friend was afraid of a dispute and quietly departed. He was afraid that the car would be detained. In the middle of the night, he accompanies him to pick up the car, intact, and he apologizes to the owner for his thanks.

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