What is the difference between garbage trucks and what is the difference?

Compression type garbage truck: equipped with a hydraulic mechanism and a stuffer for a dedicated dump truck that can compactly load, transfer and unload the rubbish.
Dump-type garbage truck: Equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, it can tilt the carriage at a certain angle to realize a special dump truck that refuses to be unloaded by its own weight.

Self-dumping garbage truck: equipped with a special device for loading, unloading and dumping the garbage by self-unloading transport vehicle that uses its own vehicle equipment and power to assemble a waste container (such as a trash can)

Swing Arm Type Garbage Truck: It is equipped with a swingable lifting arm, a bucket or a stack of garbage suspended on a swing arm, and a special dump truck for carrying out garbage loading and unloading is used to rotate and lift the swing arm. .

Removable garbage truck: It is equipped with a hydraulic loading and unloading mechanism, which can be used to tow special vehicles to the vehicle or tilt the hopper at a certain angle to remove the garbage. It can be used as a dedicated dump truck for transporting garbage.

Sorting garbage transporter: It is equipped with a self-unloading mechanism, compartment sealing lids and multiple garbage collection bins. It is used for the transport of sorting garbage.
Compression docking garbage truck: equipped with a compression device, lifting device mechanism and other special devices for the collection of garbage and large garbage truck docking and loading of special dump trucks

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