Differences between road sweepers and vacuum cleaners and differences in performance characteristics

Road sweepers, also known as sweepers, sweepers and vacuum cleaners, are there any differences between road sweepers and vacuum cleaners? In fact, this is very easy to distinguish. As far as the Dongfeng Road Sweeper is compared with the Dongfeng Sweeper, the chassis sweeper and the top launcher and the chassis configuration of the road sweeper and the vacuum cleaner are all the same. The road sweepers and the suction The dust suction principle of the dust car is the same, so that the blower and the hydraulic device are the same. The difference is that the road sweeper has four sweeping discs. The vacuum cleaner uses vacuum suckers to clean the dust, and the road sweeper's respirable particles. The diameter is 120mm, and the suction car's respirable particle diameter is slightly smaller.

Road sweepers and vacuum cleaners are capable of carefully controlling the dust in every detailed construction process for the yard, road dust accumulation, road transportation, road construction, house demolition, municipal engineering, and house construction. It is precisely because of this that it has been awarded the title of "weapons" for advanced urban road cleaning and cleaning.

The pure suction type sweeping vehicle (vacuum cleaner) adopts the vacuum suction principle and consists of a dust collection system, a dust collection box, a secondary dust collection box, a dust recovery system, and a walking system. It has a wide dust collection range ( Particle size and dust less than 50 mm, high net absorption rate (95%), no water storage, no watering, no sweeping brush, no secondary dust, high work efficiency, sanitation, cleaning and material recovery Good helper. Because it is a highly efficient dust removal device that integrates dust extraction, dust, and dust transportation, it has been commonly used in wharfs, yards, open-air warehouses, trunk roads, municipal and airport pavements, and cities that are prone to generate dust pollution. Dust cleaning in residential areas, parks, plazas, factories, workshops, etc.
After the vacuum cleaner vehicle passes through the secondary air and the dross, it reaches the purpose of dust removal. For the first time, the principle of gravity settlement was used to store the larger residue on the first floor of the ash box; the second time was the centripetal force of the high-speed operation of the fan to throw the fine dust on the second floor of the ash box and apply it to separate and settle down. The clean air is blown back into the air through the air duct, forming a closed circuit.

Compared to road sweepers and suction sweepers, pure suction sweepers have the following special advantages.

(1) Domination is convenient. Just by passing through the control panel in the cab, the local operator can activate and deactivate the sub-initiator, the fan speed up and down, the suction port lift, the rear door switch, and the box up and down.

(2) The use of capital is low. No sweeping brush is changed frequently, and there is no suppression of sprinkler fitting maintenance. Only a small amount of rubber wearing parts is required.

(3) No secondary dust. Adopting a pure suction operation method, no watering, and adopting a common, advanced and patented high-efficiency filtration system, the gas cleanliness of the vehicle far exceeds the requirements of the environmental dust emission concentration standards.
(4) The structure is simple. No water storage and water spray suppression mechanism, no hydraulic motor rotation mechanism, no conditioning mechanism such as brushing and roller brushing
(5) Road sweeper dust removal effect is good. The dregs collected in the box are dust-collected several times, and the particles and dust can be separated through several stages such as gravity dust fall and filter dust removal.

(6) Wide application range. Road sweepers In addition to city streets and highways, road sweepers are also suitable for ore wharfs, cement plants, material yards, open storage, coal plants, steel mills, and non-ferrous metal smelters that are prone to generate dust pollution; Small to dusty sand.

(7) Adapt to the climate. There is no water tank, no water pressure, even in the cold winter can be used in the north.

First, the working principle
1. The sweeper is still dominated by "sweeping", and the sweeper sweeps the floor and sucks it up. The dross is a very simple filter.

2. The relative sweeper is a “reactionary progress”, relying on the air flow operation, while blowing and sucking, blowing and sucking, respectively, there is no dust and no secondary dust.

Second, the operating mode
1. The sweeper sweeps the floor with a disk brush and sprays water in order to be afraid of dust. After the water is dried, the dust rises again. There is no fundamental solution to the problem. After the car is often the middle “white” and the “black” on both sides, the water is sprayed on both sides. ;

2, vacuum cleaners rely on air flow operation, do not brush or water, while suction side blowing closed circuit cycle, the use of scientific gravity sedimentation principle and the centrifugal technology were separated twice, basically rely on technology, natural, not Purely rely on filter filtration, respectively, higher technology content.

Third, the effect of the operation
1. The effect of the sweeper's operation is related to its operation method. A total of 13 consumer companies in the country gathered in Beijing. Facing the same road environment, the common problem of the traditional brush trucks is dust, followed by cleanliness. The authoritative department in China has made test reports for all manufacturers, and the data proves the existence of this problem.

2. Because of its advanced working principles and operation methods, the vacuum cleaners have reached the effect of “sweeping over ten times as often as sweeping”. The magical effect of vacuum cleaners is excellent, ranging from fine dust to large stones. You can walk away and have great momentum.

Fourth, save the cost of
1, sweeping the use of disk brush to sweep the ground, in order to pressure water demand dust, brush seedlings and water are a lot of capital.

2, vacuum cleaners do not brush without water, save two big expenses, wearing parts are also quite small, mainly the rubber dustpan cleaning board.

Fifth, environmental maintenance
1. When the sweeper is working, the disc brush rotates to bring dust, forming a dust, which brings a lot of trouble to the environment and people passing through the road. In the vacuum part, the sweeper inhales the air and discharges it into the air, because it is only filtered. In the program, a large amount of fine dust diffuses into the atmosphere with air currents and constitutes secondary dust.

2. The special operation mode of the vacuum cleaners has no dust and no secondary dust, cleans the road from time to time, and does not cause pollution to the environment; it has high work value from time to time, and it has won the recognition of different localities and the masses. .

Six, lunch operation

1. The cleaning tank must be filled with water before operation. The height of brushing seedlings must also be adjusted; as not only dust is sprayed into the air, but also water is sprayed into the ash tank, causing the gray box to become agglomerated or stuck. At the same time, it is inconvenient to clean, and it is often necessary to manually wash with high-pressure water, which brings a lot of labor intensity to the manpower;

2. The intelligent level of the vacuum cleaner is even higher. All operations are completed in the cab, including a button for retracting the vacuum tray and the dross. With the main dry slag and ash, it is not necessary to flush the grey box. knock off.

Seventh, hydraulic application
1. The brush of the sweeper is mainly driven by the hydraulic pressure, so the hydraulic work from time to time, due to the hydraulic device is more precise, excessive use of easy to move problems, bringing maintenance from time to time;

2. The vacuum cleaner only uses the hydraulic device when retracting the vacuum tray and pouring the ash. The whole operation process only uses about 15 minutes.

Eight, gray box structure
1. The structure of the ash box of the sweeper truck is simple, and various types of slag are mixed and mixed. As there is a part of the space occupied by the water tank, the capacity of the ash box is also smaller. For example, the capacity of the ash box of the medium-sized sweeper is 4 cubic meters;

2. The dust box of the vacuum cleaner is divided into two layers. The first layer mainly stores large residue, the second layer mainly stores small dust powder; the volume of the gray box is also larger, and more debris is loaded in a single performance, the same medium-sized vacuum cleaner. The volume of the gray box is 5 cubic meters.

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