Renault dci11 engine can not start how to do

The failure of the Dongfeng Renault dci11 engine to start is mainly due to circuit or oil circuit problems. It is important to accurately determine the problem. Therefore, you should first observe the cab dashboard or use a diagnostic tool to diagnose the circuit. If there is no fault code, you should consider the oil circuit.

Circuit problem diagnosis

Unplug the engine inlet pressure and temperature sensor harness connector, the instrument panel displays "inlet pressure and intake temperature sensor open or shorted to ground", use a multimeter to measure the harness connector, pin 1 is grounded, pin 2 and 3 have 5v voltage Pull out the accelerator pedal position sensor harness connector, the instrument panel displays "The accelerator pedal position sensor is open or shorted to ground." Through the above test can be initially determined that the vehicle vecu has output the communication signal to the engine eecu and the vehicle wiring harness, check the oil Road problem.

Dongfeng Renault Engine

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