Analysis on How to Improve Management Efficiency of Air Compressor of 300MW Unit

The 300 MW unit main compressed air system and desulfurization system we studied are supplied by different air compressors. The former mainly uses 4 Ingersoll Rand MM110 air compressors for air supply, while the latter mainly uses 2 Quincy. QTD132H air compressor. Air compressors have played a huge role in the production process, but in recent years there have been a series of problems in the production process, mainly because the main tubes of the main engine and the desulfurizer are under pressure and unstable during compressed air. The situation makes compressed air unable to effectively meet the production needs. Therefore, effective measures need to be taken to solve them. In addition, in order to strengthen the sustainable development to reduce bow loss and save energy, it is necessary to optimize the production configuration to achieve a reduction in the cost of power consumption and maintenance.

Analysis of Compressed Air Optimization of 1 300MW Unit 1.1 Introduction of Air Compressor Configuration Under the current conditions, the compressors are mainly divided into three types, namely main engine compressor, dry ash compressor and 0-sulfur compressor. Below, we briefly introduce the specific situation and add Table 1.

Table 1 Compressor Type and Its Configuration Description The number of compressor types is specifically configured. Erotic 笆 DN250... 50m3 instrument gas storage tank, 10m3 miscellaneous gas storage tank 1... Host instrument with compressed air mother and miscellaneous Compressed air mother dry ash with compressor 6 1 , 3 dry ash with compression mechanism gas pressure 0.75MPa, volume flow 34.3mVmin material 6 dry ash with compression mechanism gas pressure 0.75MPa. 'Spiral valve SfflCn tank 1 . '11 unit 10m3 auxiliary gas tank 1 unit 1 main gas tank unit 2 main! Tank unit 1 main gas storage tank (20m-T'ltJUi2 main! Cn tank (20m-T' gas supply mother 笆 is DN150 desulfurization compressor 3 desulfurization compression mechanism 啼 force 0.73 and 2 air compressor fore flow air compressor flow 42.5 Nv'/min., 10nr' desulfurization cn tank, gas supply 笆 DN80 1.2 system problem analysis We conducted on-site investigation on the site, and observed and analyzed the specific conditions of the compressed air system operation, mainly from the host The instrument uses the pressure fluctuation of the compressed air main pipe, the fluctuation of the pressure of the 0-sulfur compressed air main pipe, the ash discharge time of each electric field of the dry ash system, the ash pressure and the interval time. The research finds that there are still a series of systems. The main problems are as follows: (1) Through the on-site investigation, it is found that the 3MW mainframe air compressor does not have an operation status screen, which greatly increases the workload of the maintenance personnel. Therefore, in order to effectively ensure safety and reduce the work of the operating personnel The burden is that the operators at the bottom of the furnace often start the four air compressors in full, and the loading and unloading work is all carried out by the air compressor. This causes the frequent unloading of the air compressor.

(2) For the dry ash air compressor, it has a certain degree of lack of data query. First of all, the screen of the <10 furnace dry ash air compressor does not contain data on the gas tank and the pipeline pressure. Secondly, although the <11 furnace dry ash air compressor has relevant data on gas storage tank and pipeline pressure, these data have limitations, because only the real-time value of the data exists on the screen to fully understand the historical curve of the data. Can not meet the needs of production.

1.3 Suggested measures and optimization schemes According to a series of problems and shortcomings in the system, the corresponding recommended measures and optimization schemes are proposed.

(1) First, the status screen display of the 300MW mainframe air compressor can be guaranteed by thermal control. Once the status screen of the 300MW main air compressor is displayed, it can provide some convenience for real-time monitoring. At the same time, there are still insufficient monitoring screens for dry ash and desulfurization air compressors, so it is necessary to improve them to provide favorable conditions for timely application and shutdown of air compressors.

(2) When installing the unit, due to the lack of sufficient consideration for the sonic blower gas, the unit compressed air main unit used is only DN100. Not only that, but when installing the sonic soot blower, it is not installed. Supporting regulated gas storage tanks. This results in a relatively obvious pressure fluctuation of the compressed air mother tube when the 10-sonic sonic blower is put into operation, and the operation is unstable. In order to effectively solve this problem, a pressurized gas storage tank pipe can be installed on the gas supply pipe of the 10-sonic sonic blower, and it is also necessary to limit the specification to a certain extent. The volume is preferably 2, so that it can be used. The pressure fluctuation caused by the large amount of gas is buffered to a certain extent, and the effect is also obvious, which can effectively ensure the stability of the operation of the compressed air main pipe.

2 Innovation of production and operation measures (1) The performance of the unit should be effectively improved. In order to achieve this goal, we need to start from three aspects, further deepen and expand the results of coal-based production, and conscientiously implement technological transformation projects that produce obvious economic benefits. Third, we will further promote the development of “Ki coal must be saved”. Through various policies, the spirit encourages operators to adjust the units and strive to create benefits in management.

(2) Further approval and strengthening of the construction of two new units. The new unit is of great significance in the development and construction. It can effectively reduce the economic bowing and bring huge economic benefits to our factory. At present, our factory staff has more surplus, and the proportion of labor costs is relatively large. In addition, the current energy consumption level of our plant still has a large gap compared with the 600MW unit. Therefore, the commissioning of the new unit will greatly promote the production and development of our factory and bring huge economic benefits to our factory.

(3) It is necessary to further develop and consolidate the maintenance industry. First of all, we must improve the skills of the existing maintenance team to a certain extent, and based on this, further develop the external maintenance market. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the outsourcing industry to a certain extent, and to increase the strength of repairing old waste and waste, so as to effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Trouble shooting of locomotive double needle speedometer in Cui Song (Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. Testing Center, Dalian, Liaoning 116022) 0 Introduction Locomotive double needle speedometer is a special instrument installed on the locomotive to indicate the running speed of the locomotive and the accumulated walking mileage is beneficial to The locomotive ensures the safety punctuality in the operation, has the advantages of firm structure, good shock resistance and long service life, and is widely used in various locomotives and motor cars at home and abroad. The locomotive double needle speedometer consists of upper and lower movements, odometer and outer casing. The double needles include yellow needles and red needles, which respectively indicate the instantaneous running speed value and the maximum allowable speed of the locomotive. Taking the yellow needle as an example, the faults and maintenance methods of the locomotive are mainly introduced from the following 10 aspects.

1 The needle does not move and the timing pin does not move. At this time, the connecting line should be removed and the multimeter should be used. The ohmic file X 10 file is touched with the red and black pens. If the hands do not move, it means that the hairspring is broken or the coil is burnt. The method is to re-weld the hairspring if there is no reaction, it indicates the coil. If this situation cannot be repaired, if the needle movement J is not a problem with the hairspring and the coil, use a multimeter to find out whether the connection wire for verification is broken or has poor contact.

2 The needles of the needles are mainly caused by the following five aspects: <1) The upper and lower surfaces of the iron core are attached with dirt and fermenting coils. This kind of dirt is externally entered (such as iron filings), and some are internal coatings. The plating layer is caused by peeling or metal oxide. In addition, the screw that vibrates and falls when the muscle car is running is adsorbed on the surface of the iron core, which also affects the movement of the pointer.

(2) The hands are deformed and touch the glass, the scale plate or the outer casing. The pointer should be corrected according to the situation.

Care should be taken to check the bending point of the pointer. One hand uses a pair of tweezers to clamp the side of the bending point to the root, and the other hand pulls with a finger, presses it or pulls it with two nails. Note that the hand of the scorpion should use the smoldering force, and the shaft tip and the bearing should not be damaged due to excessive force, and the finger should be prevented from being pinched or broken. (3) The aluminum scale plate is convexly deformed, and the panel can be removed to flatten it and the original shape is replaced. Replace the new scale plate. (4) The balance bar rubs against a member such as a bracket at a certain position. When repairing, let the pointer rotate slowly for one week to find the contact point. Usually it is caused by the solder on the balance bar being too high or too thick. At this time, the height and thickness of the solder should be readjusted, and the pointer should be balanced at each position. .

(5) The shaft tip and the bearing seat are too loose, so that the rotation shaft is not positioned properly, and the bearing screws need to be properly rotated. The yellow needle has two upper and lower bearings. Since the position of the upper bearing can be easily adjusted, the first choice is to adjust the upper bearing J. If the lower bearing is to be adjusted, the lower bearing should be adjusted. Because the position is below, it must be cautious when adjusting. The anti-collision bearing downstream wire causes chaotic deformation of the balance spring.

3 The imbalance of the hands and the unbalanced hands can cause a nonlinear change in the indication error. In this case, the balance of the hands needs to be re-adjusted. In actual debugging, it takes several iterations to balance the pointer. If the judgment is wrong in debugging, there will be more and more chaos. Based on the experience accumulated in the overhaul work for many years, the author sums up the principle of 'holding the zero and adjusting the vertical and vertical', and draws the adjustment balance position diagram and the pointer balance operation table, as shown in Table 1. The key of this method lies in Always keep the initial position pointer indicating that the center position of the zero mark is not moving. Turn the dial so that the pointer is in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the table. Adjust the balance of the three directions of the hands by adjusting the amount of soldering of the three balance bars of the hands. Keep in mind when adjusting, first adjust the level and then adjust the vertical adjustment to return to the initial position and adjust the zero position. According to this method, the debugging efficiency is significantly improved, and it is accurate and reliable.

Left and right table 1 pointer balance operation table adjustment position sequence needle deflection direction adjustment method horizontally on the green crossbar solder or increase the yellow needle solder under the bias to increase the green crossbar solder or reduce the yellow needle solder vertical to the left to increase the red rod solder or Reducing the blue rod solder bias stone to reduce the red rod solder or increase the blue rod solder 3 conclusions for the experience and experience of the air compressor management efficiency enhancement of our factory 300MW unit, this article will be elaborated and analyzed. Firstly, the paper analyzes the compressed air optimization of 300MW unit from three aspects: air compressor configuration, system problems and recommended measures and optimization scheme. Then, it briefly describes the production and operation innovation measures of our factory. I believe that in the near future, our factory will achieve a greater degree of development and progress. Chen Shengdong SL-16/S0 air compressor shaft seal improved cryogenic technology, 198*S) Tan Yuru. Change the effect of cylinder lubrication on the performance of air compressors. Jiangsu Coal Technology, 1981) Liu Corrosion. Beijing Liuli No. 4 Plant reasonably selected air compressors to achieve good energy-saving effects.

Xiang Shifan. Analysis of 2V-6/8~l air compressor accident. Compressor technology, 198 research direction mechanical and electrical sound

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