Fast enters the smart manufacturing lane

“Made in China 2025” proposes to accelerate the innovation and development of the manufacturing industry, improve quality and efficiency, and realize the transition from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse. At the same time, with rising labor costs and diversified market competition, the pressure on the manufacturing industry is increasing day by day. It is difficult to continue relying solely on traditional labor-intensive models. Shaanxi Fast Group Co., Ltd., a leading company in the transmission industry of commercial vehicles and an expert in transmission manufacturing, seized this strategic opportunity, rationally treated temporary difficulties in the current market downturn, looked to the long-term, persisted in innovation and development, and made smart manufacturing and automated production. The field began to show results and yielded considerable results.

Comply with the trend of precise layout to establish an automated production line development team

Fast has excellent machine tools, large quantities of parts and rules, and excellent automated operation advantages. Since 2014, in order to optimize equipment resources, improve product quality, and accelerate the pace of automated production, Fast has established an automated production line research team based on repeated demonstrations.

Fast established an automated production line development team
Fast established an automated production line development team

The young team with an average age of less than 31 years old, who was recruited by 10 elite soldiers, took charge of the R&D and implementation of the equipment production automation transformation project. Since the establishment of the team, they have worked hard to create a team atmosphere that is both hands-on and family-like with the teamwork spirit of unity and collaboration. In the actual work, everybody thinks in one heart, rushes to one place, surpasses oneself in the constant challenge, moves forward in constant exploration, and interprets “the whole person as one's heart and its profit and loss” to the extreme. They worked tirelessly and conscientiously to overcome one difficulty after another and create one miracle after another, and Fast's automated production beats constantly set records.

Indefatigable and untiring, all aspects of the development process

Any success is not easy and easy. During the development of the automated production line, the development team experienced many difficulties and setbacks.

Fast Automation Production Line Development Team
Fast Automation Production Line Development Team

Prior to the establishment of the automated production line development team, the repair workshop of the project was mainly responsible for the overhaul work of the company's equipment, and originally did not have the ability to design and produce non-standard products. Under the new situation, this task was undertaken in a timely manner. In order not to affect production and project schedules, only downtime equipment can be used. This means that while carrying out research while repairing equipment, this not only increases the workload, but also increases the difficulty of the task. Secondly, due to the large differences between the manual and automatic production requirements for machine tools and tool holders, hand-held fixtures can be used manually. It may not be possible to use it stably at the time of automated operation. Fixtures and fixtures must be redesigned. In addition, the electrical control part of the machine tool must also be self-renovated to complete the system information exchange and transmit control signals; the most fluctuating one is the feeder for the fixed-point feeding of the robot. There have been three large trial-production conversions to suit the use. The working conditions of the station allow it to operate stably.

Pay attention to details to overcome difficulties and eliminate obstacles on the road to development

details make a difference. In the entire development process, many details will encounter problems, but no matter how small the problems will affect the entire system, any small part may become a roadblock on the road to development.

Fast Automation Production Line
Fast automated production line

In the development of automated robots for the production of seven-axis robots, the most important component is a six-meter moving rail. The length exceeds the processing capacity of the workshop's existing equipment. If the finished product is purchased, the price is far higher than expected. After a period of investigation and demonstration, the trial team decided to test the water robot to move the guide rail. This is a challenging task. The length of the guide rail is large and the overall length is welded. The structural profile itself has a large deformation. After the welding heat, the deformation is more difficult to control, but the final linear guide installation requires an accuracy of 0.1 mm. In the face of such equipment status and processing requirements, the project team standardized the guide rails and divided it into three parts. From the beginning of structural design, all aspects of welding, processing and assembly are closely monitored. After several weeks of hard work, the first rail with standardized and long-reaching connections was successfully installed on site. Immediately afterwards, the second and third articles were successfully completed in a short time. Throughout the development process, there are numerous obstacles such as this.

The first production line was successfully put into production

Based on a detailed understanding of the product processing flow and processing technology, R&D personnel gave full play to the teamwork spirit and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the intense “fighting”. Everyone consulted the data, design drawings, processed parts, and problem-solving problems. They wouldn't be able to do it again. The design room and the development site left them busy.

Bao Jianfeng from the grinding out, plum blossom from the bitter cold. Finally, six months later, after in-depth discussion and learning of advanced external experience, the first production line wiring reconstruction program was determined, and the domestically-manufactured numerical control equipment was selected. The automatic loading and unloading of material feeding tables and fixtures were designed and manufactured, and the CNC machine tools were also The electromechanical transformation completed the information exchange and logistics design between the equipment of the production line.

Fast Intelligent Production Line
Fast Intelligent Production Line

At present, the automatic line has been successfully put into production. A production line has completed all the processes such as milling end face, roughing copying, finishing car, boring and marking, and only one employee in each shift can monitor the upper and lower code trays and machine tools. . The production beats closely, the production process is smooth, and the processing efficiency is greatly improved. The realization of the successful progress in the development of a single device to an automated production line by Fast has also marked a key step in Fast Manufacturing.

Steady Progress and Fruitful Delivery of Seven Automatic Production Lines

After the automatic production line was put into use, after actual measurement, the labor intensity of the workers was reduced by more than 50%, the product processing efficiency was increased by 10%, the employment cost was reduced by 60%, the labor environment of the workers was well improved, and the overall production organization was more standardized. Moreover, the production line operates stably and has reliable quality, which guarantees the improvement of product quality.

A intensive cultivation, in exchange for a year full of rice. Up till now, seven fully automated production lines, including intermediate shafts, two shafts, sliding sleeves, and deceleration wheels, have been developed to serve the production. Fast's unmanned and automated production lines are being rolled out in a “point, line, and face” model. They are fully promoted. With excellent production levels and efficient production efficiency, Fast is always ready to outperform competitors and outperform the market.

Recently, good news came. The project team re-arranged and scientifically adjusted 6DS thermal front-axle production E-line equipment to suit the application of automatic robot line. After the transformation, the entire process from the forging blank to the hobbing cleaning can be completed, creating a new situation in the automation transformation of Fast robots.

 Butt Weld Cross

     Different from tees, crosses are four outlets. According to difference of outside diameter for each outlet, there are Butt Weld Equal Cross and Butt Weld Reducing Cross. For equal cross, the size for connecting run pipes are same. But for reducing cross, the size for connecting branch pipe is smaller than run pipe`s.

pipe cross

The materials of pipe cross are carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Manufacture standards are ASME, GB, JIS, DIN, GOST etc. Similar to other pipe fittings, there are Seamless Pipe cross and weld pipe cross. They shall be directly welded with steel pipes and have many applications, like petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, construction etc.

stainless steel cross

Butt Weld Cross

Butt Weld Equal Cross,Tee Cross,Butt Weld Reducing Cross