Causes and Removal of Unusual Exhaust Smoke in Diesel Engines

Diesel engines with good technical conditions emit smoke as a colorless, transparent gas. If the exhaust pipe exhausts other smoke when the diesel engine is working, it means that the diesel engine is not working properly. Common abnormal smoke color. Black smoke

● Reason analysis

Fuel oil is a hydrocarbon compound. If it is burned in an oxygen-deficient condition, combustion will be incomplete and some of the carbon elements that have not been completely burned will form free carbon, and the mixed person's exhaust gas will become black smoke.

From the above, it can be seen that when the engine is working, the black smoke must be caused by too little air entering the cylinder or the fuel injected by the human cylinder. Caused by the number of air intake into the cylinder or the amount of excessive fuel injection are mainly:

  1 The amount of air entering the cylinder is small

The air filter is blocked to reduce the flow cross section of the air entering the cylinder, or the turbocharger is faulty and cannot perform the supercharging action or the supercharging action is degraded, resulting in a relative decrease in the amount of air entering the cylinder, resulting in lack of oxygen when the fuel burns. Black smoke.

In addition, some diesel engine intake pipes are provided with a "flying car" device. If the "flying car" device is turned off, a small amount of air entering the cylinder will result in incomplete combustion of the fuel and black smoke emissions.

  2 Too much oil injected into the cylinder

Due to improper adjustment of the fuel injection pump and governor, the amount of fuel injected is too large, that is, it exceeds the amount of fuel injected per cycle of the engine, or there is a serious post-dripping phenomenon, resulting in excessive oil supply.

● Diagnosis and elimination

Remove the air filter. If the diesel engine emits no black smoke, it indicates that the air filter is seriously clogged. You should remove the plug or replace the filter element.

If the diesel intake pipe is equipped with a "flying car" device, it should be checked whether it is in the closed position. If it is in the closed position, it is the cause of the black smoke emitted by the diesel engine and should be turned on.

If it is a diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger device, diagnosis and exclusion shall be made according to the method of fault diagnosis of the turbocharger device, or a replacement method shall be used, that is, the turbocharger of the same type shall be used instead. It shall be proved if there is no black smoke after the replacement. Diesel smoke is caused by damage to the turbocharger.

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