Nanjing Gaojing Marine Co., Ltd. won the bid for the China National Offshore Oil Service Adjustable Paddle Propulsion System

Recently, Nanjing Gaojing Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. and foreign well-known adjustable paddle companies stood out in the competition and successfully won the bid for the 8000HP deep-sea three-purpose workboat adjustable paddle system.
As a high-end marine engineering customer, COSL is a high-performance marine engineering ship, which has extremely high requirements on the performance and reliability of the adjustable paddle equipment. This equipment has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers.
In addition to being able to transport equipment, dry/liquid drilling materials and other cargoes required for offshore oil exploration, development and production, CNOOC 8000HP deep-sea three-purpose work vessels can also perform tasks such as towing, anchoring, life-saving and guardian. The project's adjustable paddle propulsion system adopts four-machine scull type, the classification society is CCS, the infinite navigation area, and the JOYSTICK joint control system is equipped to realize the joint operation of the ship's paddle, rudder and side thrust.
According to the general requirements of Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, Nanjing High-precision Marine has completed the adjustable paddle propulsion system program, and has conducted technical communication with shipowners and design institutes. Its scheme and performance have been highly recognized by shipowners and design institutes. At the same time, the shipowners, design institutes and shipyards also inspected the production site of Nanjing Gaojing Marine, and expressed deep appreciation for the design capability, process flow, processing capacity, quality management and production environment of high-precision marine.
Previously, Nanjing Gaojing Marine has obtained a large number of marine engineering ship propulsion system projects at home and abroad. The success of the 8000HP deep-sea three-purpose workboat adjustable paddle system has further demonstrated that Nanjing Gaojing marine product technology, quality and performance have been high-end in the industry. The customer's recognition, the company is gradually occupying the high-end market of marine engineering ship propulsion equipment.

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