Looking at the quality of Dongfeng Cummins from a million kilometers without major repairs

Unlike trucks, heavy trucks, and sometimes bad road conditions, overloaded trucks, it is not easy to overhaul engines that exceed one million kilometers. The Dongfeng Cummins Engine of Hebei Handan Qiuhua’s car had no major overhaul of 1.3 million. Master Yan said: "We all called the "Dongfeng Cummins Engine," and 1.3 million kilometers of no major repairs, let me make a million, really is to achieve a well-off life. "Now Master Master bought another Dongfeng Tianlong truck With the aircraft, he said to the reporter of the China Truck Network : "I only believe in the quality of the Concordia, and later I will buy the truck and I will choose the Continua."

As Mr. Yan's recognition of the Dongfeng Cummins engine quality, from the first Dongfeng Cummins in 1987 to the production line of the 2 millionth product in 2013, reliable quality has always been the customer's common view on the aircraft. In recent years, millions of kilometer-free users of Concord have emerged. They have different jobs and different places to run, but they all have become fans because of the quality of Concord. The author recently visited Dongfeng Cummins and made some understanding of the quality of the aircraft.

Dongkang engine with a mileage of 1.3 million kilometers
Dongkang engine with a mileage of 1.3 million kilometers

Designed for quality

Founded in 1919, Cummins Inc. is the world's largest independent engine manufacturer. Dongfeng Cummins has introduced Cummins Inc. products and based on this, has conducted adaptive secondary development based on the characteristics of the Chinese market.

Cummins is currently the world's largest independent engine manufacturer. Currently, it has 19 R&D institutions and more than 4,000 R&D personnel worldwide. "Design for quality" is the core concept of Cummins product design. It runs through every product development. Link.

At the beginning of product development, the product engineering department will first carry out simulation analysis of the engine cylinder combustion model, integrate the user's needs into development, evaluate and optimize the design goals through advanced analysis tools, determine the key parameters of the product, and ensure the design product performance. And meet the needs of users in terms of reliability. For key components, when designing a design target, sufficient space is reserved for its reliability. For example, the Bearing bearing area of ​​the Cummins engine block is about 20% larger than other similar engines. This can make the engine even longer. High-load operations can still maintain a longer working life.

How to minimize the failure rate? As the world's leading engine manufacturer, Cummins has adopted a more excellent engineering structure in its design. Its unique multi-energy design has reduced the number of engine parts by about 20% compared with other similar products. With fewer parts and fewer connectors, leakage and wear failures due to connections are greatly reduced.

According to Dongfeng Cummins product engineering personnel, every engine of Cummins has passed the severe road tests far beyond the industry level at the beginning of development, but after Dongfeng Cummins introduced the products to China, it also carried out according to the characteristics of the Chinese market. Reliability test again, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an altitude of 5,000 meters, the winter over -40°C in the darkness of the Heihe River, the surface temperature over 70°C in summer Turpan in Xinjiang, accumulatively exceeding ten million kilometers of test verification, ensured that the Dongfeng Cummins engine in different environments such as quality.

Excellent manufacturing hardware quality

Even advanced design can not give users a good product without good manufacturing. "Our goal is to provide users with reliable products, and the realization of sophisticated manufacturing is a guarantee of high product reliability." Li, Manufacturing Manager, responds to reporters questions about manufacturing quality, and Dongfeng Cummins manufactures intelligently in quality control. Advanced nature does provide evidence for this argument.

Dongfeng Cummins currently has more than 20 professional production lines including cylinder blocks, cylinder head processing lines, and assembly lines. In terms of processing, Dongfeng Cummins adopts the German MTM washing machine with advanced international standards. The wet processing technology cleans the iron scraps produced in the process of parts in real time, plus two processes of intermediate cleaning and final cleaning, and the parts are obtained. Thorough cleaning; In order to ensure the processing accuracy, Dongfeng Cummins invested more than RMB 100 million yuan in the transformation of the cylinder block and cylinder head processing line, and manufactured the components with the smallest work tolerance with high-stability equipment.

In the engine assembly, Atlas tightening machine can fully tighten the torque of the parts, many devices have the function of error protection of the electrical box, barcode scanning error prevention, OK smart wrench error prevention and other functions, will automatically be found if it is wrong Stop the product from moving to the next station. At the same time, Dongfeng Cummins has conducted strict production quality control and traceability for the entire manufacturing. The operator has performed bar code scanning on each part of the assembly, and the key information such as tightening torque during fastener assembly has also been automatically recorded. All of this information is recorded. Deposited in the MES manufacturing execution system, will promptly correct any existing error system, significantly reduce the assembly quality problems caused by human factors, also as a file, greatly improving the engine's subsequent service efficiency and quality.

Strict quality management

At present, Cummins has 20 home engine factories on four continents, all of which implement globally uniform quality standards, including all parts standards and hundreds of quality management nodes in the production process. Whether it is at the Darlington factory in the United Kingdom, the Columbus plant in the United States, or Dongfeng Cummins in China, Cummins has all implemented the same quality standards, ranging from engine blocks to small components.

For products, Dongfeng Cummins employees have always had such a concept: "The quality is not defined by the manufacturers, but the users and the market decide." It is this user-based and market-based knowledge that Dongfeng Cummins has taken many measures and Implementing the management of all employees, the entire process, and the entire company on the quality of products: established a special PIC (Product Improvement Executive Committee) and PQC (Product Quality Decision-making Committee), standardized management of Dongfeng Cummins' quality improvement activities, and utilized the power of the process. Quickly remove barriers to improvement. At the same time, Cummins has also introduced a highly effective seven-step work method that will solve the quality problems that arise in the manufacturing process, use scientific and technical means, and management methods to simplify the process and seize the core of the problem. This will save time and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, Dongfeng Cummins is also the first domestic engine company to pass ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification.

In addition to some of the key components manufactured by Dongfeng Cummins itself, there are a considerable part of the procurement from external sources. One engine consists of more than one thousand components. The quality of each component directly affects the optimization of the machine's reliability. Dongfeng Cummins adopted the Cummins Parts Purchasing and Quality Management System, reviewed and reviewed potential suppliers from the aspects of quality, cost, delivery, management capabilities, and technical level, selected suppliers, and combined with Dongfeng Cummins' management features, from the early stage of product quality. Planning and control, to determine whether the supplier has correctly understood all the requirements of the customer's engineering design records and specifications, and whether the production process has potential capabilities, and then through production parts approval, each link is strictly controlled to ensure the external parts Excellent quality. At the same time, the Dongfeng Cummins procurement team also strictly controlled the supply development and management of suppliers, established a stable and continuously optimized supplier system, and ensured the reliability and stability of Dongfeng Cummins products.

It can be seen from the end-users' speech that Concord has gained a high degree of recognition from the market, not simply because of the user's cognition and emotional recognition of its brand, but also due to the good quality of Concord in the past two decades. Looking at the development of enterprises in the market economy, in the early stage, it often depends on grasping the opportunities. By the middle and later stages, we must rely on stable product quality. Only those who persevere can stand invincible in the development process of Dalangtaosha. Dongfeng Cummings It is along this development path all the way forward.

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